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Plasma 5 Weather 154 comments

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Oct 06 2017
I tried the plasmoid on wayland and didn't have a single problem with that. Worked in panel as well as in tray. I have Plasma 5.10.5, KF 5.38. How exactly does it behave under wayland? - Oct 11 2017
Thanks! I'll investigate. - Oct 03 2017
This is fixed in version 1.6.10. I will provide an update here shortly. - Oct 03 2017
Yes, I know about it and I already reduced the crashes but I know it is still crashing for OpenWeatherMap provider. It is most likely bug in Qt but I was so far unable to create a simple PoC to file a bug report on that. That is what I'm working on - find the actual problem and file a report or provide a fix... Sorry that this is taking so long. - Oct 03 2017
Thanks for sharing this! I've actually experienced the crashes as well (on occasion) but couldn't figure what was doing it. I cannot reproduce it right now unfortunately... Anyway it seems like a bug int Qt rather then my widget. I'll investigate more and submit a bug report if necessary. When I do some further actions, I'll make a comment in the KDE bug you've just mentioned. - May 22 2017
Hi! I tried to fix the not-updating after some time. Please try this updated version (1.6.8). Also my apologies for not responding here quite a long time. - Jan 01 2017
Thanks for positive feedback and for your suggestions!

ad 1) If you are using rendered meteogram (for OWM and optionally for you don't have a cloud cover forecast. This is because I did not have time to work it in, yet. Or did you mean something else?

ad 2) I don't understand. Isn't it the precipitation bars in the bottom of the meteogram?

ad 3) I know, more providers :D. I'm planning or yahoo as the next one. I don't know ECMWF very well but it seems like they don't have much free data. Or can you point me to some free api from which I can consume XML or JSON?

ad 4) Will do.

ad 5) Uff, I'll put it on my TODO list but it won't be done anytime soon, sorry :). - Apr 05 2016
ad 1) Systray expanded area has limited space. This is the main reason why the forecast is not so detailed. Do you think it should have also a graph?

ad 2) To be honest I don't know how to make the systray tooltip more persistent. In systray tooltip has limited possibilities.

ad 3) I can do that. I have limited time possibilities nowadays but eventually I'll get to it ;). - Apr 05 2016
This should be easy. Next release ;). - Feb 16 2016
Understood. I'll try to do my best :). - Jan 28 2016
Thanks for retesting and suggestions.

Yes, this is known plasma bug. Hopefully will be fixed soon (updating through "Get new widgets").

I'll add some version info next release.

ad 2)
I'm working on it :)

ad 3)
I'll try to stick the missing current weather conditions inside expanded plasmoid.

The idea is that all weather info (current, 2 day and long term) is showed at once in expanded plasmoid. Or did you mean showing e.g. current + 2 more days right inside panel? - Jan 26 2016
The only thing I can think of is you are experiencing this issue: - Jan 26 2016
Hi! Thanks for your feedback! I agree bug fixing should be preferred.

ad 1)
This looks like a regression. Please try the latest version (I've now released 1.6.2)

ad 2)
Start time and overall time management should be fixed in this version, too. Please try and report back :). Still for provider there is no way showing really current weather in meteogram because they only provide weather forecast starting 1-3 hours in the future. Open Weather Map should be fine though.

ad 3)
Under the map on the left there is a "today" column with today temperatures. The current weather conditions are listed in widget tooltip and also partially in meteogram. But maybe you meant showing more info inside expanded plasmoid under the meteogram? - Jan 24 2016
Maybe it really corresponds with the time skew related to win/linux dual-booting. You should set your time to "local" in your linux distro so that both windows and linux is setting the same time in bios. Anyway it looks like you are using an old version of Weather Widget because of the big number of "minutes ago". The newer versions are using also days and hours. - Jan 24 2016
Hi, I'm not sure I can help you as you probably tried all what I'm going to suggest. Probably the only way to find your location is here:
...for OWM provider and here in search bar:
...for provider

If these are not returning expected result maybe you are entering invalid data (my zip code was also not found) so I suggest to find your place on, copy the name to the search bar in OWM or site and hope for the best :). But it should find anything since it has found little villages in Czech Republic... - Jan 24 2016
Thanks for your feedback! I guess I can add more providers... I was planning the yahoo one. I'll add more (e.g. but it will take time as I have plans with other widgets, too :-). - Jan 18 2016
And if you expand the widget (by clicking on it) and click on the left bottom text (changes to "Reload" on hover)... does that bring the weather data on the screen?

Did you find any way to show the weather data again? E.g. removing and adding the widget? Or it just stopped showing anything after one reboot and there is no weather data visible since? - Jan 18 2016
I'm not sure what that means exactly. Is there anything instead of the widget (icon, empty space)? Can the weather be refreshed with "Reload" button inside expanded weather widget? - Jan 17 2016
Thanks, I'm aware of that and I intend to fix it in future versions. Although rendered meteogram for will lack cloud coverage since they are not providing it through api. - Jan 12 2016
Hello. Thanks A LOT for your feedback and suggestions. So in order:

Unfortunately is not providing current weather data, only the mentioned 1-3 hours in the future. This can be fixed by caching "historical" data and show them as current. I'll try to do that for provider but it still doesn't feel ideal. OWM on the other hand is providing this service and I'm in the process of implementing a support for it right now. OWM is also providing humidity and cloud coverage so this will also be showed in tooltip as a bonus.

I've also changed the "~>" mark with more sensible "near future" text which is what it shows.

I've changed the 0-24h legend with actual approximate hour of day referring to each temperature row. Now it will show 3h, 9h, 15h, 21h (or AM/PM alternatives) so the range is 0-6h, 6-15h, etc.). Do you think I should still show the ranges? Or is it understandable this way?

Unfortunately there is no way to get meteogram from showing other units or time format. This (and because of other reasons) is why I've done the rendered meteogram. I am aware of the missing features of rendered meteogram and I intend to fix it.

Like I said in 1) I try to fix that by remembering "historical" data but that will not show the current weather immediately when plasma starts. Especially if you use ".plasmoid" widget version (no offline cache). So you are better off with OWM provider.

Mentioned changes will be iteratively added in upcoming versions. - Jan 11 2016
Sorry, this is not yet editable. I will add this settings to the next release. - Dec 22 2015
Hi! Unfortunatelly this plasmoid is only compatible with Plasma 5. You have the older version of KDE suite... - Nov 17 2015
Active Window Control

Plasma 5 Applets 126 comments

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Jun 08 2017
I think this is a job for another widget. The another widget would be some kind of recycled kickoff menu but with active window's icon (instead of the static one). And in this AWC widget you would then hide the icon. - May 31 2017
Noted :). If I have time, I'll add it. - May 31 2017
This is partially implemented in latest git master. Next version will have support for this by entering path to aurorae decoration themes (like arc). - May 31 2017
Sorry, but menu not available for kde-store version of this applet. You need to use a package of this applet if it is provided by your distribution. Or compile and install from source. - May 31 2017
sorry for the tripple comments, they appeared after a long time... - May 31 2017
@chimpsociety: Please wait a while. I think I fixed most issues but some compatibility bugs came even today so I wait a day or two and if the everything calms down (plasma-5.10-compatibility-wise) I release a new version here :). Of course you can always uninstall kde-store version of this plasmoid and compile it from source if you don't want to wait. - May 31 2017
Please wait a while. I think I fixed most issues but some compatibility bugs came even today so I wait a day or two and if the everything calms down (plasma-5.10-compatibility-wise) I release a new version here :). Of course you can always uninstall kde-store version of this plasmoid and compile it from source if you don't want to wait. - May 31 2017
Thanks for your positive words, guys, this is always nice to hear :). - Apr 17 2017
I assume you are using Kubuntu 16.10. I've just released a new version which should address this problem. - Mar 03 2017
Sorry guys it took so long to release a new version here. - Nov 08 2016
Hi! Thanks for suggestions!

ad middle-click) Good point, should be easy, next release :)

ad button-text) The issue is the blank spot between buttons and text where the icon was before it was hidden, right? I believe you can minimize "Button spacing" and adjust "Icon and text spacing" to position the text. But maybe I understand your use-case wrong... - Mar 10 2016
Hi! Are you using it in horizontal or vertical panel? Have you tried changing buttons size? This settings is in Buttons section of the widget settings. - Jan 24 2016
Hi, thanks for feedback and suggestions!

ad Quirks: If I understand it right the bug to fix is: disable the blank spots (where the buttons will show up for maximized windows) so they don't trigger the action when clicked on. I'll definitely repair this one. Thanks!

ad 1) This is number one for me, too. I was used to it in KDE4 in similar widget. Already tried to implement it but wasn't successful at the time of creation of this widget. Now I've already learnt how to make C++ extensions so it shouldn't be that hard...

ad 2) Regular task manager widget has it so I should be able to do the same.

ad 3) I was lazy to do that but I'll eventually make that happen...

ad 4) I definitely plan to work in the menubar. Like you said - as soon as it is supported in Plasma/KF5.
- Dec 03 2015

Plasma 5 Applets 18 comments

Score 84.4%
Aug 06 2017
Hi! First of all: Thanks for this plasmoid!

I'd like to suggest a slight change to the separator visual so it matches the one already present in Plasma built-in widget Digital Clock (it appears when you make your panel really thin):

Rectangle {
height: 0.8 * main.height
width: 1
color: theme.textColor
opacity: 0.4

I've already done that for the separator of Active Window Control widget. Of course it is possible that I've missed another separator also already present in Plasma matching your visual... - May 01 2017
Redshift Control

Plasma 5 Applets 53 comments

Score 86.0%
Aug 06 2017
:) - Apr 05 2016
Hi! Sorry for my late response. I'm afraid I don't know how to do that. I'll try to investigate and if I come up with something I will make this work in this widget. - Apr 05 2016
Good point. Fixed ;). Visible in plasmoid settings. - Mar 12 2016
Thermal Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 105 comments

Score 82.8%
Sep 08 2017
I've just commited a fix on github. Please see:

I'll upload a new version on kde-apps once I have feedback from somebody that it is fixed. I think it'l be soon:) - Apr 05 2016
Hi! Thanks for report. I have this problem, too. I try to repair it soon (hopefully during this week) and post a new version. So please wait for next version. - Apr 05 2016
Hi! Sorry for my late response, I'm temporarily quite busy nowadays.

I think we can work something out. If your ATI temperatures are not available but you know the right command to fetch the temperature ("aticonfig --odgt" ?) please provide the command along with example output so I can blindly work it in the widget and give you a test version :). Thanks! And thanks for your feedback :). - Mar 10 2016
You are right, there is no way determining the version. I plan to add a "debug" or "about" section in settings where debug logs can be switched on and version info will be present there, too. - Feb 14 2016
Uptime Widget

Plasma 5 Monitoring 9 comments

Score 80.0%
Nov 15 2015
Interesting, thanks for reporting! I'll investigate and report back. - Feb 11 2016
Resources Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 18 comments

Score 81.9%
Nov 15 2015
Hi, thanks for suggestions! I'll try to add all (or most) of what you suggested in next releases. - Jan 02 2016
Network Monitor

Plasma 5 Monitoring 47 comments

Score 83.6%
Nov 15 2015
Thanks for feedback! Personally I prefer the steady width and spot of upload and download part of widget.

I think it can be a bit disturbing when it is moving. I also think there wouldn't be any space gain since the whole plasmoid should maintain the same width when updating the speed numbers. Otherwise the rest of widgets would be sliding left and right with each speed number update.

But maybe I don't get your idea right. - Nov 13 2015
I've just tested this use-case and had the same results - no entries in installed section. So I created a bug report for that: - Nov 07 2015
I see. I'm glad you sorted that out. I've already heard about the non-ability to update already installed plasmoid. Unfortunately I didn't figure out if this is my fault (proper naming of plasmoid when uploading to kde-apps) or the KDE update utility fault.

I try to investigate further and repair my widget or place a bug in kde bugzilla. - Nov 07 2015
You mean every time upload or download speed becomes e.g. "12K" (2-digit text with suffix) it crashes? What settings do you use with this applet? I cannot reproduce it.

How did you install this applet? By AUR or by "Download New Plasma Widgets"? - Nov 07 2015
Your suggestions are good, I'll go for 3-digit distance and only upload / download option. Next release :) - Oct 26 2015