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System Software by shie 103 comments

Well, that's not exactly the functionallity I was trying to descripe.
XNC and Total Commmanders branch dir feature allow one to see all files, and only files from current dir and all subdirs in one view.

This is useful if eg. you have a large dir with many subdirs and want to see which files takes up the most space, just branch the dir and sort by size. - Nov 26 2005

System Software by shie 103 comments

If it is possible, a "branch view", like XNC and Total Commander have, would be really useful.
Properly with a stop/abort button if one accidentally branches a big dir, which could lock up the app for some time. - Nov 19 2005

Graphic Apps by blackie 13 comments

Make "hotspots" on the persons in the images, so that holding the mouse over a person would show that persons name in a tooltip.
Holding down a key would show where these hotspots are.
They could be stored as a x/y coordinate + the persons name in the index file.

Import persons names from kaddressbook into kimdaba. - Jul 01 2004