GTK2 Themes by endel 10 comments

Pretty neat theme with nice icons.
Thanks for sharing. - Apr 22 2008
Die Zauberflote

System Sounds by 0mnipotent 8 comments

I am really enjoing this ;)

Thanks a lot ! - Apr 19 2008
The fight is about to begin

Wallpaper Other by BadChoice 3 comments

I think you are searching for Gimp layers (when you get layers all the rest is piece of cake) Take a look at Google.

This wallpaper promises a lot. But be careful: some things become ugly because of bad texts...

Watch yourself. - Apr 15 2008
Excelsior (Engine)

GTK2 Themes by Chrispy 85 comments

1.) One of the most problematic widgets are the "sliders" (volume alike), if you ask me. Your choice was great.

2.) The progress bars don't lack the (overused) candy effect while still keeping some maturity and style. Another point for you.

3.) The idea of the arrows is good but I think that the interface could be more neat if you put the same arrows of gtk-combo into the comboboxes. (No body will confuse an input box with a selection anyway...)

4.) What I -personally- dislike are selected tabs, but I think that if you can make them resemble the borders of the "volume sliders" you'll be done there. I suspect that I don't need to say you should make better scroll bars :p

I'll gonna shut up now. Your work promises a lot.

By the way, making the main widget (frame, whatever...) the same way you have done the toolbar/menubar would be pretty good! Is it impossible? (degraded -metallic- colors, not just plain ones)

Don't give up and thanks for sharing. - Apr 15 2008
Kurier & Iwona

Fonts by TeXie 3 comments

I think it's a great contribution though could your please especify the license?

PS:// The link to that site doesn't work (at least for me at this time).

Regards. - Feb 26 2008
Folder Restyling (again)

Icon Sub-Sets by Chrispy 3 comments

Cheers mate. - Feb 26 2008

Nature by eenofonn 3 comments

OK, Cheers! - Feb 24 2008
Coming Storm

GDM Themes by mejogid 17 comments

Beauty! Can I say more? - Feb 24 2008

Nature by eenofonn 3 comments

Could you please put a more explicit license so that I can use it for my icon theme?

By the way, you got my vote ;) - Feb 23 2008
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

Not yet because I want them to be the most professional I can. Indeed they are better now than it's seen at the preview ;)

I have many affairs in my life right now, working, developing other projects and so forth. Though, the pre-release should be in one month and a half approximately.

Metacity... I really dunno. But I'll try it some day.

Regards. - Feb 19 2008

Gnome 2 Splash Screens by zend 1 comment

A little dirty but still cute ;) - Feb 18 2008
Quite Minimal

Beryl/Emerald Themes by bones253 2 comments

It is "quite minimal" XD

Thanks for sharing!! I think that most people should be conscious of that space waste in most "window borders".

What's worth paying attention is the user experience in handling and seeing what's really important. - Feb 18 2008
Help needed - Please look!!

Various Gnome Stuff by nookie 4 comments

1.) Have you checked out how the PATH to the original image is being symlinked from the very sources?

2.) Is the picture in some special format and your GTK development libraries doesn't known about it?

3.) Have you tried both solutions? I mean, with the C code produced by glade
and the pure XML file called from another code in one or a few languages?

4.) If you really want your final product to be great I think you should break the current unintuitive <Theme> dialog: putting "Icons", "Cursors" and "Wallpaper" at hand while arranging the whole "Interface" and "Visual Effects" in a single and customizable section for advanced users.

Do remember that if you want your work to be in the main line some day it should be intuitive enough for n00bies and people who doesn't want to bother with too much whistles while usable for advanced people.

Note: If you are asking for help to help better the people why some guys are voting this lower?

Is people going nuts this days? - Feb 16 2008
Laetitia Casta Arch Linux

Wallpapers Arch by ilpianista 3 comments

Please remember for the good of the other users and yours that you can't license GPL a picture of Laetitia Casta.

The site could be take down for lawyers if people doesn't use the right licenses.

Thanks for uploading anyway. - Feb 16 2008

GDM Themes by dsespitia 1 comment

This is really cute. - Feb 16 2008
Welcome to machine

Wallpaper Other by tichy 7 comments

Hu hu, thanks. - Feb 15 2008

Wallpaper Other by marts47 6 comments

I'll use it with slight modifications in my icon theme if you don't mind.

It's name at the sources will have your name, URL and license, do you agree? - Feb 14 2008
Welcome to machine

Wallpaper Other by tichy 7 comments

Sure it is! By the way, have you seen the preview of Titanium icons?

Well it's just a preview as it's under heavy development and some changes -for good- have been made actually.
- Feb 13 2008
Debian Glass

Wallpapers Debian by pegasusfly 1 comment

I am a Gentoo zealot but definitely this wallpaper is an absolute beauty.

I don't get why you don't have better votes as this is the best Debian wallpaper I have seen ever.

Cheers. - Feb 13 2008
Hellsing Wallpaper

Wallpaper Other by snide 1 comment

Really good, could you invert the crosses please? XD - Feb 10 2008
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

Thanks to you, there will be a lot of changes but certainly I hope you enjoy them - Feb 10 2008
Guitar Style

Wallpaper Other by BadChoice 4 comments

The pose of "mister showbiz" is great but his right foot is too artificial... I think you could try to represent tarsus and metatarsus just like the real -human- foot is = _._ and for the left foot _./
(I meant foots divided in two sections as the real ones when one is on tiptoe)

As for the Gibson guitar, if you make a little more thin some part of the fret (perhaps the nearer to the camera the position could have more impact)

Some phrase could be great too (up-left), ie: "Gig with Linux: a kernel ready for musicians" or so... The user could erase it if he doesn't like it as the background is plain blue... well what do you think?

By the way, Another crazy light could be great too ;) (perhaps some flare with The Gimp)

Take care - Feb 09 2008
Guitar Style

Wallpaper Other by BadChoice 4 comments

I hope you do a little retouches. Specially to the guitar board... Though, it's superb. Nice pose!

Thanks! - Feb 09 2008
Welcome to machine

Wallpaper Other by tichy 7 comments

Yeahhh!! - Feb 08 2008
Green leaf in shadow

Wallpaper Other by tichy 4 comments

I love your pictures, and keep following your work always (remember you are one of my favorites in the whole community ;)

By the way, I know this is GPL though I ask you if you feel comfortable with the fact that I may use this as a base for an icon theme.

Is there any possibility that you make pictures of people and/or artifacts (ie. machines)? - Feb 08 2008
Element: Leafe

Wallpaper Other by art-fusion 3 comments

Keep up the good work ;) - Feb 08 2008
gnu linux

Wallpaper Other by panak 3 comments

That's a gooood wallpaper ;) May I do another version based upon this one? - Feb 08 2008
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

I do use the file gtkrc-2.0 for managing the settings you are asking for.

style "alien-font" {
font_name = "Snap 9"
} widget_class "*" style "alien-font"

You should be interested at "Snap 9"? but obviously you should install artwiz fonts first.

The icons are Titanium (codename: Beyond), a personal iconset that I am currently developing in my spare time.

I hope this answers all your questions. - Feb 08 2008
Alien 933k (Aurora)

GTK2 Themes by code933k 38 comments

You can chose your Metacity theme at will. I don't use Metacity WM but Xmonad so there's no metacity. - Feb 08 2008
Dino rex

GDM Themes by chaukar 2 comments

You should put the URL of the original file (wallpaper/artwork you used for this theme) so the free license will be a valid one.

Regards, and thanks for contributing. - Feb 07 2008

GTK2 Themes by lyrae 15 comments

Sober and good like most of your minimalistic content. - Feb 07 2008
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 347 comments

Damnit! I meant ask for "Ubuntu 7.10" as there are more package versions "7.10".
And I think not I thing

My bad. - Feb 07 2008
Aurora Gtk Engine

GTK2 Themes by ECHM 347 comments

OK! First of all Ubuntu is not Linux, just a little distribution in a sea of about 100 or more so please as for Ubuntu 7.10 the next time.

Somebody have packed this engine for Ubuntu so I thing you should go there. Here is the adress:

Good luck. - Feb 07 2008
Elegant Brit

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 283 comments

Are you crazy or what? This theme is happy but still sober and neat. Why I would make any suggestions if it looks almost perfect.

It is not my kind of theme, though, for my understanding it is severally underrated. I hope you get over 80%

Really, your taste is flawless. This is quite professional looking. - Feb 01 2008
Elegant Brit

GTK2 Themes by fmrbpensador 283 comments

...what I would name "Elegant" but indeed is pretty *nix, KISS, neat and well done.

Congratulations and thanks for sharing - Feb 01 2008

GTK2 Themes by Theriault 2 comments

Why they should do that? Just write yourself that style inside the gtkrc of your theme.

Regards. - Jan 31 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by DesolateOne 35 comments

Please change the tittle as it sounds pretty immature. The Gnome icons handler is the same for all distros.

Regards. - Jan 30 2008
Slickness Black

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

I have the "fix" you need for browsers (Epiphany / Firefox).

Drop me a personal message line if you are interested in this.

Best Regards. - Jan 10 2008
Slickness Black

GTK2 Themes by TheRob 231 comments

Very great theme, I hope it looks so great on my notebook.

Yeah! At least I have one theme for having some breaks of my own.

Keep up this excellent work. Sober, and intelligent themes are arriving to gnome-look after all!!

Sadly there isn't a 9th Star [...] - Jan 10 2008

GTK2 Themes by wonkowonka 3 comments

it's bad at all.

The problem could be that your chosen font at the screenshots is too big and a little ugly.

A good combining font may help a lot for obtaining a good theme.

Regards. - Jan 08 2008
Baldur's Gate

Cursors by jmariani 2 comments

Appreciate your last efforts but most cursors you have chosen aren't so neat...

What about:


I know some of them aren't so great but I hope this 'inspires' you.

Best regards - Jan 08 2008
Shining Silver (Metapackage)

GTK2 Themes by murasame 10 comments

Just Tasteful. I am from the "dark" side of the force but I'd really would like this.

Thanks for sharing. - Jan 05 2008

Icon Sub-Sets by Mandarancid 41 comments

Hi! I am glad to see your positive answer and certainly yeah! I wanna be part of that project. That's the spirit mate.

Currently I don't have created those icons as I am thinking of creating a simple script (the best way possible) for registering their mimetypes automatically.

Count on me then.

Cheers!! - Dec 30 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by djaany 156 comments

Thanks for your efforts mate. - Dec 30 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by Mandarancid 41 comments

I think this is one of the very best themes I have seen around here. Taking my taste for granted they are pretty sober, tech-alike no eye burning and quite simple to be easily extended.

I was to the point of starting my own theme but when I saw this one I've thought it would be pretty interesting if I'd contribute here -unite forces- instead of
working all alone.

Are you willing to receive any help? I think I would contribute some obscure devel-filetypes and getting better those icons on the toolbars. What do you think? - Dec 25 2007

GTK2 Themes by Raideiin 4 comments

Well I really do use my own theme always. I stopped the theme exchange when I wrote the one I was searching for.

However why don't you turn it green in the future and rename it Iguana then..? XD

Cheers and good luck. - Oct 27 2007

GTK2 Themes by Raideiin 4 comments

If this theme were the same green tone of your page instead of orange it'd be more popular...

Just a crossed thought. - Oct 26 2007

Icon Sub-Sets by Mandarancid 44 comments

I think it is overall informal, though well done and somewhat elegant.

At least someone thought about changing the mainstream eye-burning colors of the human theme and tango. It is dark and "lack of contrast" but, perhaps, that's why it looks so pleasant.

I'd like to see some menu icons too (arrows, refresh, etc), it is problable you'll need to do your best there to get a very distinctive style.

Whatever, congratulations you are doing a great contribution through this work. - Oct 20 2007
Entis Cursors

Cursors by zhorak 30 comments

Your icons are great but they look horrid on dark setups. The borders are poorly defined and it is very notorious when you point them over dark backgrounds, i.e. text cursor...

I hope to be useful for you, good luck. - Oct 20 2007
Darkness - Entrance

E Entrance Themes by urandom 1 comment

First of all, I don't know why your theme doesn't have more attention. It's great!

Secondly, if you just put centered text at the menu it would be perfect.

Finally, I don't use E17 L.O.L. - Oct 18 2007