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Tiago Cogumbreiro
Clearlooks Improvements by Cimi

Various Gnome Stuff by cimi86 13 comments

I don't see any differences from the usual clearlooks theme (that I am using). I didn't see a regression when the engine was ported to cairo either. - Feb 03 2007
GNOME Userbars

Various Gnome Stuff by crmaykish 9 comments

Could u create a small version so I could put it on my website? - Apr 06 2006
second hand icons

Icon Sub-Sets by caminoix 6 comments

I think they would look better with a bit more detail and some borders. - Apr 06 2006
SnowIsh SVG & PNG

Icon Sub-Sets by saki 67 comments

I love your iconset. I would love it to be more colorfull, would make my desktop more alive. - Dec 31 2005
Gentle Gnome mockup

Various Gnome Stuff by Gentleman 187 comments

Most of this could be possible to achieve using a cairo based theme.

I don't think the menu is feasable though, what would happen if the menu occupied the entire window? Would it overlap the toolbar?

The nice thing I like about your mockup, besides the clean design, is the applets being reorganized in size in the panel. This would be a cool adtion to gnome-panel. Scalable widgets would be a real treat. - Nov 08 2005
Traveling Chicken Man

Cliparts by flamingyak 5 comments

lol, cool - Oct 27 2005
More than Human

GTK2 Themes by sysop 26 comments

This theme is great. The colors are very nice, I prefeer them over the default ubuntu theme. The skinning of the panels is also a very nice touch.

Please consider posting this theme on - Oct 15 2005
More than Human

GTK2 Themes by sysop 26 comments

I think he means the Applications/Places/System menu. If that's the case he's right 'cause I can't read what says on mine (since I have a dark display). - Oct 15 2005
Menu Enhancement (Idea only!)

Various Gnome Stuff by who 23 comments

Because it's so similar to Windows start menu it shares the same problem: visual clutter/noise. I think it's a confusing interface.

Besides it goes against the desktop's spirit of making things simple and clean. - Jun 09 2005

GTK2 Themes by FireClown 38 comments

Hello I love the theme u've just ported however there are some glitches:
- the scrollbar does not appear as in ur sshots (the bottom of the scrollbar has the space for 2 buttons but only appears 1)
- scrollbars in Nautilus (browser mode) appear all corrupted
- scrollbars in firefox sometimes appear corrupted.
- font colors on firefox remain black (menus, addressbar)
- the drowpdown button on ffox is smaller then what u expect and appears all corrupted.

This may be because I am using a small font. - May 18 2005

GTK2 Themes by Remenic 251 comments

Damn that's a great theme! - Jan 10 2005

Icon Sub-Sets by Markus078 3 comments

This is an excelent theme. I really like realism based icons. Although I don't like the Macish related icons (ie. aqua folders). Maybe more accentuated contours and some drop-shadow would be make it play along different types of wallpapers. - Jan 06 2005

GTK2 Themes by rveguilla 3 comments

Hi, just wanted to say that i like your theme, but there are some details i don't ;)

menus are brighter then normal windows
maybe remove gradients on toolbars
hover color on buttons[1]
buttons are in a darker then normal, should be lighter (if they are 3d light comes from front or top right/left)

[1]- small buttons with the gradient effect are very cool, big ones are not, so i would remove it all together and only leave it on menus. - Oct 10 2004