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Jan Zarnikov
Ubuntu Vista

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Mar 22 2007
sorry but i just can't see why linux community should be driven by copying some propreritary stuff. you can't take the lead by imitating someone elses work. - Mar 22 2007

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 17 comments

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Mar 09 2007

would you mind if I use your code in my project?

it will stay under GPL of course. - Mar 09 2007

would you mind if I use your code in my project?

it will stay under GPL of course. - Mar 09 2007
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Mar 20 2007
i know about this problem and i'm working on it. unfortunately qt-programs and the standart automake and autoconf tools (which provide the "./configure") don't work very well together. this is the reason why i'm using qmake to generate the makefile.

please don't forget, that this project is just one week old! - Feb 09 2007
sorry, but this is not possible. the reflection effect is made by an ugly hack. i have to rewrite the code to make it more flexible. i already have some ideas how to do this. be patient :-) - Feb 09 2007
the default theme is stored in /usr/local/share/amarokFS

but you can create your own. just read the instructions: /usr/share/doc/amarokFS/theme-howto.txt
or you can download the theme-pack to see how the themes work - Feb 08 2007
when you're playing a lastfm-stream, the dcop function returns just "nocover.png" - Feb 07 2007
install the package "qt3-devel" - Feb 07 2007
Well, this might be a problem in beryl or the qt-library. If this is the case then there is only little I can do.

I'll have to test this. - Feb 07 2007

logo.png, logoB.png and gradient.png cannot be changed, right now, they're hard-coded. The reflection is made by an ugly hack and cannot be changed by themes. - Feb 07 2007
the dcopclient.h is searched in:

/usr/kde/3.5/include - Feb 06 2007

that gives a reason to go on! the new version with some basic skins will be here tomorow. - Feb 06 2007
you can post it right here or send me an email.

unfortunately "./configure" isn't posible at this time. The automake-tools and qt don't work together very well. - Feb 06 2007
hmm... strange

have a look into /usr/local/share/amarokFS/images/
Do you see the file gradient.png there? Can you open it?

Try to start the program from a console to see if there's any error output. - Feb 05 2007
look like your using qt4 instead of qt3, they're not compatible.

I don't know what distro you are using, but you need to install qt3-development files. Usually you can have both qt3 and qt4 installed at the same time. Then instead of running qmake, you can chose either to run "qmake-qt3" or "qmake-qt4".

The differences between distros are making ist quiet difficult. :-( - Feb 05 2007
right now, the locations of the images are hardcoded and cannot be changed.

the next thing would be to make the look customizable. Then the locations of the images will be determined by the skin (probably some xml). - Feb 05 2007
are you sure you have the qt3-development files? Try to search for the files "qcstring.h" or "qwidget.h". If you find them send me the location and I'll update the makefile. If you don't have them, you need to install them. - Feb 05 2007
I'm glad that people like this app. But right now, this is just a one-man-project. There are so many things to do... - Feb 05 2007
this is obviously a problem with dcopclient.h. What distro are you using? Try to search the file dcopclient.h and then send me the results. I'm working on the Makefile to make it more compatible with other distros. - Feb 05 2007
unfortunately it is not possible to determine the next song. If the playlist is set on shuffle, nobody knows what song will be played next until the current song is over or you push the next button.

but I'll contact the amarok-developers to see if there is a way how to get this working. - Feb 04 2007
this is really wierd. I have the same problem... but this is related problem.
BTW: I speak fluent german, so don't worry about "mache" and "make" ;-) - Feb 03 2007