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Thierry Grandrath Vienna, Austria

Fluxbox Themes by comelade 4 comments

Just a small addition at the end of the apps file:

[transient] (name=.+)
[Position] (CENTER) {0 0}
- Mar 01 2011

Fluxbox Themes by comelade 4 comments

Thank you for your comment.

To toggle window decorations on and off I've got this line in my keys file:

Mod1 t :ToggleDecor (alt+T then does the trick).

Specifically for Urxvt I've got something like this in the apps file:

[app] (name=urxvt) (class=URxvt)
[Deco] {NONE}

As a side note I usually edit this file by hand because these are the last lines in the apps file:

[app] (name=.+)
[Position] (CENTER) {0 0}

This makes windows open by default in the middle of the screen (my preference) instead of being thrown to the top left, but it breaks the "Save on close" feature.

In the meantime I also added this line to my .Xresources:

urxvt*internalBorder: 14

This makes a transparent border it looks better now than on the screenshot.
- Feb 07 2011