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ste stefano , Italy

System Software by aarnt 15 comments

==> Uscita dall'ambiente di fakeroot.
==> Compilazione terminata: octopi (sab 18 mag 2013, 08.43.46, CEST)

It installed perfectly now and it works fine, eccellent job! - May 18 2013

System Software by aarnt 15 comments

In archlinux I cannot install it:
$ makepkg
==> Creazione del pacchetto: octopi (ven 1...
==> Starting build...
Cannot find file: /home/<user>/Projects/octopi/

~/octopi-$ ./qmake
bash: ./qmake: File o directory non esistente

- May 17 2013

Plasma 4 Extensions by bege 10 comments

Useful plasmoid, thank you! It would be nice to have some on/off text or color, now I have to remember what left or right position is standing for. - Mar 12 2013