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Axel Braun

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Jan 13 2018
Indeed you are right regarding slicing...but the slice value can still count for the unpacked file :-)
Still you can open the packed slice with a file manager and easily extract single files from it. If each single file is packed, I see no comfortable way in doing so (which does not mean that someone else has a solution for this...) - Jul 27 2012
KBackup offers the option to pack the backup - each file as single zip. This makes it quite uncomfortable to restore e.g. from ark.
IMHO it makes sense to add an option to pack the whole archive, what do you think? - Jul 27 2012

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by Viras
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Jul 31 2010
I used the link provided here on the page : - Aug 20 2007
I'm having trouble with the 0.3.8-rpm on SuSE 10.2: There is nowhere an icon created in the menu, nor is an entry in the 'Miniprogramme'.
Where is it supposed to show up? - Aug 15 2007
Kaffeine Player

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Jul 06 2008
yes, same problem on SuSE 10.0 32bit (running 0.82 on KDE 3.5.5) - Nov 27 2006

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Oct 29 2007
Sorry, I missed that there is now a third package to install - up to now there were only two as far as I could remember - Mar 08 2006
I tried to install kpowersave:
rpm -Uhv kpowersave-0.5.9-1.1.SUSE10.i586.rpm
error: Failed dependencies:
powersave-libs >= 0.12.1 is needed by kpowersave-0.5.9-1.1


rpm -qa powersave

Seems that the dependencies of kpowersave are not set correct... - Mar 05 2006