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Jesse Bradford
Ubuntu Triskell

Wallpapers Ubuntu by deviantdark 2 comments

This would make an amazing uSplash theme, or a GDM for that matter. I look forward to seeing more develop from this. gj! - May 01 2008

GTK2 Themes by Junior-E 40 comments

I registered just for this post. Great theme. As for the icons in the preview photo you can find them here!!!

gTangish Black:

gTangish 2.0 Blue (as in photo preview above):
(it takes a second for the download link to show up)

At the designers website they say they have ceased development on this set of icons.

The controls seem taller than they need to be. Because of this I have opted for the slightly different "bluejoy" control theme. Anything I can do to remedy this? - Jan 25 2008