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May 14 2005
Qt 4 compatible version will be released as soon as Qt 4.0 is released and kdelibs is ported (at least partially).
I'll begin porting when we decide it's time to port Kexi to QT4. - May 14 2005
Implementing this feature would not be very difficult, however, I doesn't really see the interest..
And, are you talking of the .ui file source, or of the code generated by uic form the ui file? - Oct 30 2004
The version of KFormDesigner in KDE CVS (so inside Kexi) now supports subforms as Kexi do, and so outperforms Qt Designer even more now.

This will be included in the next release I'll make here. - Sep 03 2004
I don't really understand your questions. Are you talking about custom widgets (ie not QT nor KDE widgets)? Or are you talking about subforms, ie embedding a form (so a ui file) inside another form?

Loading widgets as you said by just giving a class name is afaik really hard to do, or even impossible.

Sub forms could be done easily (there are already subforms in Kexi). - Sep 01 2004
Being part of Koffice, and so of the KDE project, KFormDesigner uses by default KDE widgets.
The file format used is compatible with Qt Designer, so it would be easy to add an option to use only Qt widgets. However, that's not one of my priorities. If you wan't do it, you're of course invited to do it. - Aug 31 2004
The problem seems to be that you didn't installed it in the good directory. You should check where other apps are installed, which imho is not in /usr/local/ (the default), but in /usr/local/kde.
Try running './configure --prefix=/usr/local/kde' and 'make install' again. This should solve your problem. - Aug 19 2004
I've sent a to Kommander-devel mailing list. They're very interested in using KFormDesigner, they had already thought about it.
But they have a lot of work right now with kde3.3, so they won't use KFD until KDE4.0. (see there

So KFormDesigner will soon be used in Kexi, KDevelop and Kommander, as a standard in KDE. - Jul 31 2004
I haven't talked yet to Kommander developers, but I may do it soon.

This could be a good idea, but this would require some work, as Kommander is a fork of Qt Designer, that adds scripting possibilities. - Jul 30 2004
I'm not talking about the UI files generated by Qt Designer or the code generated by uic. There's no problem with both.
I'm talking about Qt Designer source code, which is imho a real mess, badly designed and hard to read. - Jul 30 2004
Thank you very much.

As a short answer, I would say because Qt Designer is not good enough, at least at code level. Ever tried to read (and understand) its code?

First, KFormDesigner is the form plugin in Kexi, and we couldn't wait for Qt4 Designer to be released (not before 2005). And who knows when KDE 4.0 will be out?

We also wanted to make something not only for developers, but also for users who don't know anything about Qt.
So we could have started a QT Designer fork, but imho this software really has a bad design and lot of hardcoded stuff. And there are some mistakes that could have been avoided easily (cannot move widgets inside layout, very limited factories...)

So we decided to start our own form designer, which would have a better design, with the fewer widget specific code in core and also new features missing in Qt Designer.

It will be a second form designer for KDE, which will also integrate into KDevelop and stay compatible with Qt Designer. Imho, it is not a bad thing for the user, as the competition will improve both apps, and give users the choice. - Jul 30 2004