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Rob Rob Turner

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

Thanks for the fast update. This works great!


$devid = $res['deviceid'];
$qd = query(getquery("getdevice", "", $devid));
$resd = fetch_assoc($qd);

$url = $resd['lastmountpoint'].ltrim($url, '.');

Note that pages/play.php also contains multiple references to $url. I presume similar code need to be added here to tar files correctly? - Sep 16 2006

Audio Apps by ObsidianX 47 comments

It appears the database structure has changed slightly with the latest version of amarok.

The true path to my media is:

MySQL shows the url as being:

I've noticed that the following query reveals the top level that is missing from the url:

mysql> select lastmountpoint from devices;
| lastmountpoint |
| /boot |
| /home |

Until this lastmountpoint can be applied in the code. This is how I fixed my streaming of individual files:


$url = '/home'.ltrim($url,"."); // Add this line with lastmountpoint location
echo file_get_contents($url); - Sep 16 2006