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C Wegrzyn

Video Apps 115 comments

by mf2
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Sep 12 2007
Do you know what the trick might be under Gentoo?

Peace. - Oct 30 2006

System Software 157 comments

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Oct 29 2007
On Gentoo if you take the ebuilds for powersave and kpowersave, what you find is that you need Lynx to generate documentation. - Apr 19 2006

Security 150 comments

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Feb 17 2009
IN fact there were two instances in KDEDIR/Autostart. I removed them both and I will start afresh.

Thanks! - Dec 04 2005
I have klamav run when I log in. I can't figure out if the system is supposed to run this way or I have some sort of config issue.

When I log in I will see multiple copies of klamav startup. Am I doing something wrong? - Dec 03 2005