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by cz8s
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Apr 20 2007

I just received two bugreports from invalid email-Adresses. So I can't answer. So if anybody wants to send bugreports:

1: I will answer again :-)
2: Please attach the output of kletterwizard run in a console
3: Please tell me which version and if source or package.

Thanks for helping improving Kletterwizard. - Apr 21 2007
Saving is possible already.
Its XML. I would like to be able to export to odf. But I need help for that. Any volunteers ? - Apr 20 2007
The usual Problem with the designer version: Edit src/klwPersonalSettingsFormBase.ui and change version="3.3" to version="3.2.1". Will fix the tarball - Feb 11 2005
You can save it as *.letter. This can be opened by kletterwizard.
It can be saved as PDF which can be opened by KWord, right ? - Feb 08 2005
It says in the README that you will need kghostview.
I will care about the tabs - Jul 12 2004
g-brief wasn't GPL for some time. But it is lppl now. Maybe it will be in MDK soon. If not, just download it here: - Jul 10 2004
-> date is english format
It takes the dateformat from your global setup. To get the german dateformat you have to set it in kcontrol.

-> Umlaute like in "Gr - Jul 02 2004
seems you latex-environment doesn't work properly.
try "locate g-brief.cls"
Is it there somewhere ? - Jul 01 2004
The letter is generated using latex.
If you want another "theme", you will need a latex-class implementing this.
I am currently working on a latex class, but this is very difficult and could take some time.
But your idea is nice and I will try to implement it.

Thanks - Jun 30 2004
Yes, I this is the only ui-File I edited, since i changed all these lines the last time. Quite annoying having to change the lines everytime before a new version. - Jun 26 2004
Now there is a new version which compiles with qt 3.2.1 - Jun 26 2004
You don't need qt3.3. qt3.2 ist alright.
But the layout was made with qt-designer 3.3
You have to edit src/*.ui and change the version in the first line.

Next release will be with changed version-tags. - Jun 25 2004
Adding a menuitem to KAddressbook would be great. But since KAddressbook doesn't have servicemenus, one would have to patch KAdressbook. - Jun 22 2004
KLetterWizard - The Unicoded version

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by trueg
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Feb 15 2007
Thank you for releasing this version.
Thats what free Software is all about, isn't it ?

I just don't have any time to do stuff on kletterwizard an I am not even using it myself at the moment. - Feb 16 2007
Kerry Beagle

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Dec 04 2006
A way to see where the found File is in the directory.
Searching for "PDF" shows many files in Directory admin which is not very helpful because they are all in different subdirs.
Maybe a statusbar which shows the whole link could help. Like in Konqueror - Apr 24 2006
The Reinhardt Icon Set

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Aug 09 2006
Would be great. My desktop looks quite reinhardish, but whenever I chat, there are these awful yellow smileys ;-) - Dec 22 2004

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May 25 2010
This is you Problem:
> uic: File generated with too recent version of Qt Designer (3.3 vs. 3.2.3)

You need QT 3.3 and you have qt 3.2.3 - May 12 2004

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Apr 08 2004
Try to use more layouts in v2.0
It doen't resize very nice like at the moment.
The Idea is nice.
Something for opening/saving files planned ? - Apr 05 2004