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Damjan Georgievski

System Software 58 comments

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Feb 21 2010
What's the sollution for the kio_obex issue? - Nov 13 2009
yep all seems fine now - Nov 13 2009
I'm not seeing any difference in either code or behaviour.

I'm at revision r1045393 - the latest as of now. - Nov 05 2009
What svn exactly is this? - Nov 05 2009
I've noticed that when kbluetooth starts, and obex-data-server is not already running it will fail to accept files sent to it.

the thing is, obex-data-server is auto-started by dbus the first time it's services are required, but kbluetooth seems to not detect that.

here's a patch that removes the isValid() check, which seems unnecesseary anyway (all the other method calls have their own error handling) - Oct 24 2009
the source code of kbluetooth (checked-out of svn as of now) uses both qDebug() << and kDebug() <<

only qDebug() actually has any effect by default, I've had to replace all of qDebug to kDebug in order to debug a problem with the obexserver.

what's the correct sollution here?
- Oct 24 2009

Network 84 comments

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Jan 18 2009
Acording to it needs patched solid-bluetooth (part of kdebase-workspace). - Jan 23 2009
AFAIK it requires KDE 4.2 - Jan 22 2009
Kima - kicker monitoring applet

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 360 comments

by kenws
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Aug 20 2007
1. You should make the tooltip look nicer, like the new kicker icon mouseover effects.

2. It would be very usefull to show the measured values in the configuration dialog, too. (there's plenty of space).
That way one can more easily decide if the sensor is needed.

2.5 a disable all button would be nice :) - Jul 12 2007

Screen Recorders 90 comments

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Sep 15 2006
>> cannot find -lXaw

You probably need to add -L/usr/X11R6/lib/ to the linker flags (LDFLAGS) - Jul 04 2006
Dragon Player

Video Players 278 comments

by eean
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Feb 26 2008
The value in
xine_set_param( m_stream, parameter, value )
when setting the volume (parameter = XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_AMP_LEVEL)

is from 0 to 199 not from 0 to 100, so you'll have to adjust the slider, and also calculate the %.

I changed the two occurences of the max value to 199 and the volume slider works much better.

I have to think a bit about the inversion in the slider update that you do it seems a bit wrong. - Jul 03 2006
I'm using codeine 1.0.1 from the ArchLinux package (on an up-to date Arch, but that doesn't mean anything).

1. Codeine still crashes when you quit directly from fullscreen.
2. The xine config dialog is broken. I don't know how to explain this, but the information about the config fields is missing.

well, the volume button behaves strangely. Sometimes it has an effect on the volume, sometimes it doesn't.

Also, when the toolbar is at the bottom, the volume slider is obscured because it pops downward. Especially in fullscreen.

One more thing, it would be nice when the volume slider shows, it should also be focued, so that you can control the volume right away with a keyboard. - Jul 03 2006
Add this function to app/xineEngine.cpp:
VideoWindow::change_amp_vol(int change) {
int value;
value = xine_get_param(m_stream, XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_AMP_LEVEL) + change;
if (value > 200) value = 199;
if (value < 0) value = 0;
xine_set_param(m_stream, XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_AMP_LEVEL, value);
showOSD(i18n("Amplification Level: %1%").arg(int( (value+1)/2 )));

And this to app/mainWindow.cpp
const QCString sender = this->sender()->name();
if( sender == "volume_up" )

else if( sender == "volume_down" )

And then add these two lines to MainWindow::setupActions() in app/mainWindow.cpp:
new KAction( i18n("Volume up"), Key_Plus, this, SLOT(volume()), ac, "volume_up" );
new KAction( i18n("Volume down"), Key_Minus, this, SLOT(volume()), ac, "volume_down" );

And recompile. Now you have software amp control with the keypad plus and minus buttons. - Nov 22 2005
Is there a developer mail list or bug tracking system for codeine?

Anyway, I've been hacking src/app/xineEngine.cpp and changed all XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_MUTE to XINE_PARAM_AUDIO_AMP_MUTE, and now the amarok music is not interupted, but when the audio channel in codeine is NOT OFF I still hear audio samples from the video. - Sep 12 2005
I forgot to say before, that the interuption only happens when the video is paused.

So the proper way to reproduce it is:
1. let some music play in amarok
2. open a video file in codeine
3. pause the video
4. now move the position slider to another position, the music played from amarok is interupted, and if the audio channel in codeine is ON you'll also hear some audio noise (I guess several samples of the sound in the video file).

This doesn't happen in xine for example? Maybe because I have "gui.audio_mixer_method:Software" in xine's config? - Sep 12 2005
From the menu I've selected "Audio Channels" -> "Off", and I see in the konsole that codeine cleverly shuts down the audio driver.

audio_out: no streams left, closing driver

But still, if I move the position slider forward or backward, the music playing from amarok is interrupted very badly.

(My kernel is 2.6.13 with CONFIG_PREEMPT_VOLUNTARY=y, glibc-2.3.5, kde-3.4.2, xine-lib-1.0.1) - Sep 07 2005
> The PLAY button on the toolbar should become PAUSE when the video is playing.

Hmm, I see that the PLAY button actually does PAUSE when pressed again... so, maybe only the icon should also change too to be more obvious. - Sep 07 2005
I've put the toolbar on the bottom of codeine's window (Orientation: bottom). There are two problems with that:

in fullscreen mode the toolbar is shown on the bottom of the screen if I touch the top of the screen with the mouse pointer. the toolbar is unusable in this way.

less anoying is that if I right-click on the toolbar and choose "orientation: flat" when it was on the bottom it will be flatened under the codeine menu (like it is orientation: bottom). - Sep 07 2005
It really needs a software volume control.

The PLAY button on the toolbar should become PAUSE when the video is playing.

About subtitles, I think it shouldn't be very hard to implement, xine has an internal subtilte handling so its just a matter of feeding it the proper MRL?
btw codeine should automatically choose some subtitle file when a video file is selected. This is what kaffeine does for ex.

Nice software though, and I agree a music player and a video player are completelly different. - Sep 07 2005
engine.cpp: In member function `void
engine.cpp:36: error: `resize' undeclared (first use this function)
engine.cpp:36: error: (Each undeclared identifier is reported only once for

codeine-1.0-beta2, Slackware-10.0, kde-3.2.3, qt-3.3.3, xine-lib-1rc7.

Anyone know whats wrong? - Dec 03 2004
BlueTheme KDM Theme

KDM3 Themes 21 comments

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Feb 20 2006
It would be interesting to see which distros support the user-list in themed KDM... it seems vanilla KDE doesn't have this feature (at least until 3.5.2) - Apr 08 2006

Various KDE Stuff 16 comments

by mtm
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Nov 29 2004
A list of things whih kphone needs to imporve at:
- ALSA support
- speex support
- included suport for video
- usability, clicikng the close button should not quit the application - it should just hide it in the systray - Oct 29 2004 Writer

Office Apps 34 comments

by kendy
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Nov 26 2004
Any info when/if there would be support for KDE native dialogs (file,print)?

Also some kind of kio support would be nice, - Oct 26 2004
View on TV

Dolphin Service Menus 27 comments

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Jul 24 2004
Instead of starting the X server, sleep-ing, starting the app etc...
you can use the startx script.

startx /usr/bin/xine arg1 arg2 -- --layout TV :1 Xarg3 Xarg4 ... - Jul 29 2004