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D Proctor , United States of America

Utilities by danap 11 comments

Simulate the animation of fireflies/moths whatever those
things are that are flying around in the Preferences Pane?

Seriously I don't know, but would you have all of us where
the same size pants? I would like to think the KDE desktop
and the various Linux distributions give us choice and the
ability to create choices for others. Looks like the
SQuirrelSQL client is a good tool, but it wasn't what I
needed to go forward with my ideas so I created MyJSQLView.

MyJSQLView Project Manager
Dana M. Proctor

"Look from within, and you will find what they need if
the force is with you. Beware though for the dark side
is always there trying to corrupt the good in our souls."

dmp 10/04/2007 - Oct 04 2007

Utilities by danap 11 comments

Deliminators have been address and fixed I
believe in the latest release 2.64. - Feb 03 2007

Utilities by danap 11 comments

Hi nightwriter,
Perhaps you could try running the
app. from the console with the
verbose option, so that I may
track down the problem to help.

java -jar -verbose MyJSQLView.jar

I will look into the file seperator
issue and try to correct with the
next release.

Thank you for the input.
danap. - Dec 15 2006

Utilities by danap 11 comments

Hi killerjoe,
The error you are receiving is because MyJSQLView needs a driver
to interface to the MySQL database. The driver is Connector/J.
It may be downloaded from Go to the section
"Development with MySQL Java/JDBC" MyJSQLView has
been tested with the older 3.1 version. Once downloaded extract
and place the jar file in your JRE runtime lib/ext/ directory. On
linux the JRE should be in /usr/lib/JavaXXX something. Please
review the readme file on the site or in your MyJSQLView
directory under docs/release/beta/ for any other additional

Thank you for trying MyJSQLView. Hope the program is
useful for you.

MyJSQLView Project Manager - Nov 10 2006

Utilities by danap 11 comments

Hi Matt,
I reviewed your exception in the running
of the MyJSQLView application. I believe
I have determine it has to do with the
way your system is returning timestamp
data from the MySQL database. I have
implemented an update in MyJSQLView to
2.5 that should address this problem. I
do not believe it has anything to do
databasse size.

Second I resend my previous comments
about MyJSQLView not being a KDE app.
MyJSQLView being a graphical interface
requires KDE in order to run on a
Linux desktop. True it could be also run
under GNOME or any other X-Window env. should welcome all apps
that run on it and hope for more. In
this way maybe the community will grow
to include those that were origninally
drawn away from Linux because the lack
of apps.

At the top of the Web site it states:

MyJSQLView runs on my KDE desktop. - Oct 22 2006

Utilities by danap 11 comments

Hi Matt,
Thanks for the comment. I guess your right the app.
may not belong here. I just figured since I developed
and use MyJSQLView on a Linux/KDE env. that others
might be interested in it. It is strictly a Java
applicattion as you said.

I will look into the error you received and see if
I can give some feedback or fix if there is a problem.

Again, thanks for the input.
danap - Oct 19 2006