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Frederik Dannemare
FTP Monitor (KDE 3)

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Jun 11 2006
Available at - Mar 29 2005
I've made a Danish translation of FTP Monitor available at

It is based on pot file from FTP Monitor version 0.50. - Apr 29 2004
To elaborate a bit on this: What I had in mind was the possibility of simply typing 'sudo /usr/sbin/pure-ftpwho', for instance, in the Paths input field.

Or maybe there could be a small checkbox that one could click on to enable to use of sudo for the command in the Paths input field.

On other ting, btw.: You should add to the applet's Help section that there is also support for proftpd. The same thing goes for the About section. - Apr 29 2004

it would be quite nice if you could add the possibility of using sudo for pure-ftpwho and other commands, so it won't be necessary to setuid root any binaries. I really dislike setuid binaries.

Thanks for a nice applet, btw. - Apr 29 2004
Copy to Floppy

Dolphin Service Menus 22 comments

by zast
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May 23 2005
Sorry. That should, of course, be [da] instead of [en]. - Dec 06 2004
X-KDE-Submenu[en]=Kopier til diskette
Name[en]= Kopier til 3.5" diskette - Dec 06 2004
OpenOffice.org1.1 toolbar icon themes

Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 130 comments

by kol
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Oct 27 2003
just installed it. looks good so far. keep up the good work! - Aug 17 2003