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Dany Henriquez

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Sep 13 2017
Replace the ".icon-grid" class within "gnome-shell.css" with the following class if your applications tab is empty.


.icon-grid {
spacing: 36px;
-shell-grid-horizontal-item-size: 118px;
-shell-grid-vertical-item-size: 118px;
-shell-grid-item-size: 118px;
- Apr 29 2012
By the way. The GS team should ask you if they can make this the default GS theme. The original big buttons on the top right from the default theme are horrible. - Apr 29 2012
The first i do with a fresh install is install this theme and the Elementary icons >

Thank you for this great theme! - Apr 29 2012
Zukitwo Cupertino

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Dec 17 2013
It worked! Thank you for the quick response/fix! - Apr 24 2012
Btw. I could test possible fixes for you if you are willing to provide, cause i really want the theme. - Apr 24 2012
Hello. Just wanted to inform that the applications tab is empty as soon as you switch to this theme when using gnome shell 3.2. - Apr 24 2012

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by lassekongo83

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9   Apr 29 2012
Zukitwo Cupertino

Gnome Shell Themes
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