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Apr 09 2009
Hi and thanks, the dock I'm using is cairo-dock for me it is way better than avm - Apr 21 2009
are you talking about the notification area? I don't think it's posible to change those icons, as far as I know it depends on each application, some take the icon from the theme and other ones just use their own.
If some one know more about it and I'm wrong maybe he/she can point me in the right direction - Apr 13 2009
fixed now :P - Apr 09 2009
I see, I erased those a long time ago so I didn't notice, I'll add them in the next release
Thanks - Apr 09 2009
sure, I'm working on it, and Gnome-Do is already there :P - Apr 08 2009
Now paper does, nothing special, but hey :P - Apr 08 2009
Sorry for the late answer, this are all done with the mouse and very fast, kind of the idea, so they look like hand made... - Mar 23 2009
I have never created a GTK theme before, and I have no idea on how to start, maybe latter... if you know how, be my guest :P
greets - Sep 04 2008
thanks :D - Sep 03 2008
I think google images...
try with "aurora borealis" - Sep 03 2008