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Kirill Petruhin Alushta, Ukraine

Wallpaper Other by Lemonade 9 comments

Thank for good WPs.
One question, do you have another mirror for all (or some) wallpapers? i can't download anything from your page. Speed is very low. - Apr 11 2009
I switch to 0.62/0.62.1 and i see this when i use border menuitems in config. This is only in KDE3, Gtk2 works normally.
How i can fix that issue? (Recompile, Delete and Install on clean.. other actions?)
will you do max rounded corners in KDE3? Like Domino.
Thanks! - Mar 12 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets by Podstavsky 55 comments

Nice style! Little question. When you finish work on icons, will they ported to kde3? It would be very nice. - Feb 14 2009
last leaf stand

Wallpaper Other by crazytmac 2 comments

Filozof, try to click Download link on deviantart, i have downloaded 1600x1200 wallpaper.. - Sep 21 2008
Hi, can you do a optional resizing of scrollbars, buttons, progressbars and etc.?
And another, can you do an additional types of custom gradients? I mean gamma, brightness, contrast or just color overlay? This will make buttons much more customizable.
PS: Sorry for my bad english. =) - Jul 01 2008
Sweet Darkness

KDE 3.5 Themes by DarkNon 8 comments

My theme don't contains font config, so you can choose any font which you like. This small font is readable for me. ;) - Jun 06 2008
Sweet Darkness

KDE 3.5 Themes by DarkNon 8 comments

I'm still trying to find soft contrast in the dark colors. In next versions i will upload a more balanced theme.
Also i want to create KWrite text-theme in this style.
I want to improve this theme, so inform me about all defects you find.
Thanks. - Jun 05 2008
Argon 1

Beryl/Emerald Themes by macraph 1 comment

Hey! Simple and nice theme, good work.
Can you do a port of this decoration into kwin or dekorator? - May 26 2008
Jul 26 2009
Mar 11 2009

Full Icon Themes
by mentalrey

Feb 23 2009
Evolve KDE

Icon Sub-Sets
by Podstavsky

Feb 22 2009