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David W Studeman
Huawei Status

Karamba & Superkaramba by gaho 3 comments

I believe the program you list as required is now renamed to comgt by Paul Hardwick if we are speaking of the same program. - Aug 05 2007
Internet Explorer Icon (OSX Stlyed)

Icon Sub-Sets by bkeating 13 comments

There are many of us who do have IE running well and as bad as it sounds, I use it for my Credit Union. Some porny sites work better too but we won't talk about that here, will we? - Jul 14 2002
"KDE Girl"

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by TomServo 46 comments

>Try respecting women rather than seeing them as something other than living sex-toys.

Respect must be earned and is an individual thing and what one woman (real, not anime) does has no bearing on you. Acting self centered and neurotic DOES have a bearing on you though. - Jun 03 2002
It looks like You-Know-What

KDE Plasma Screenshots by Ty 9 comments

Hey Ty! Pretty good for a jpeg capture. - Apr 08 2002