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David Aurelio
Knifty (KDE >= 3.2)

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by ceebx 78 comments

yes, that's what i am missing, too.
Please add those missing buttons to the really best windeco for kde! - Nov 10 2005
Smooth Blend

KDE 3.x Window Decorations by p0z3r 116 comments

One of the nicest decos for kwin. The reason why I don't use it, is that the "keep in foreground" button status is not clearly to recognise. The difference between the too states is just too little. Maybe you could change it into a simple triangle or something... - Jun 10 2005

Cursors by TimeRever 20 comments

A very nice set!
Can you make a white version, too? - Jul 13 2004

Chat & Messenging by Sho 91 comments

Unfortunately i'm not at home, but the first thing i'm gonna do tommorow is to compile this great piece of software! - Jul 04 2004
Attach MULTIPLE Files - Evolution

Dolphin Service Menus by Matti 8 comments

Thank you! I was waiting for that! - Jun 13 2004

Network by helldrive 78 comments

Oh, just saw you are not the submitter... forget the "you should change..." then ;-) - Jun 12 2004

Network by helldrive 78 comments

That's what i call a fast answer :-)

Ok, it works now, but maybe you should change that in the tar.gz, cause probably there are a loto of people out there with qt < 3.3 ... - Jun 12 2004

Network by helldrive 78 comments

Would have liked to try (and had success compiling 0.3.1) but i guess this is the error:

$ make
uic: File generated with too recent version of Qt Designer (3.3 vs. 3.2.3)

Hey, Qt 3.3 is in the developement versions of the most distributions only. Would be nice if you could provide a Qt 3.2-version, because i'm really interested in kasablanca.
I like to have an "uncomplex" ftp-client besides kbear, so i can choose the programm according to the task i'm doing. Keep up the good work and implement sftp soon ;-). - Jun 12 2004