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Dayu Huang

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Dec 22 2014
Hi, I've added a new memberfunction to CiteIDMaker that does the job I wanted.

I am a little bit confused when you say "Once this is done, the tag can be set to c2bConfigure to make other users aware."
I edited the c2bCiteIDLineEdit(). Is that what you mean? Thanks a lot.
p.s. I'd be very glad to send you the modified file (CiteIDMaker.cpp/h, c2bCiteIDLineEdit.cpp/h). Where should I send it to?



- Jul 09 2009
Thanks for your reply! I use both the KDE version and the Windows version of cb2bib on my laptop and office machines, respectively. Could you please also point out where I can modify it in the Windows version? Thanks!


Dayu - Jun 30 2009

I am engineering student and I found cb2bib really useful, especially when I used it together with Dropbox which basically put my bibtex accessible and manageable from every where.
One thing I need really badly and I am trying to see if I could contribute is MORE predefined CiteID Pattern. The most popular CiteID Pattern used among my collegues consists of the first three letters of all authors of the paper. The existing CiteID Pattern such as first author last name or all initials of the authors has the problem that many papers end up with the same ID.
The question I would like to ask is whether we could add more predefined CiteID Pattern by ourselves and how?
Thanks. - Jun 29 2009