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Daniel Daniel Brodie

GTK2 Themes by elven 6 comments

Its very good, but it's a little annoying that the toolbar and menubar are different colors (I think the menubar is lighter). - Jul 19 2004

Cursors by TimeRever 20 comments

Great theme!

There is an easier way to install them on GNOME though. After extracting the correct folder to the .icons folder, just open up the gconf-editor, browse to desktop->gnome->periphirals->mouse
Se the cursor theme key to the name of the folder under the .icons folder. - Jul 16 2004

GTK2 Themes by coltox 4 comments

On second thought, there is something a little annoying with the theme is the tab colors. If you could switch them around (make the selected tab darker and the unselected tab lighter) I think it would be great. - Jul 07 2004

GTK2 Themes by coltox 4 comments

I love it! I fixes the things I didn't like with Ana. Thank you! - Jul 07 2004
Gartoon Stock icons

Icon Sub-Sets by zeus 9 comments

I believe that from gtk 2.4 and up you can just use the stock icons from your icon theme. - Jul 01 2004