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Various KDE 1.-4. Styles 58 comments

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Feb 22 2010
Have you tried Chromi with Compiz? The Aurora parts are painted in the wrong location for me since trying Compiz as my window manager with KDE 4.6.

Everything worked great using Kwin but with Compiz the little titlebar and buttons are generally drawn just below where they should be, sometimes they are drawn in a random place and sometimes not at all. Aurora decorations on there own appear normally as do native deco's like Oxygen.

Otherwise, outside of my experience using Compiz, Chromi is awesome. Thanks for your great work. - May 10 2011
Oxygen KDE (Firefox Theme)

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 1783 comments

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Aug 15 2013
If you haven't already try my Opera theme,+oxygen+look?content=128653
It's reasonable except it's missing the Oxygen style radial gradient. If you have tried it and feel it's broken or missing something important I'd appreciate the feedback.

Sorry to reply to an old post. To Jimmy88, nice work. I look forward to your improvements to handling dark themes. - Apr 05 2011

Plasma Themes 16 comments

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Nov 24 2010
It doesn't matter where the Dark-Translucent.qtcurve file is extracted to. You import it inside the system settings / application appearance / style / QtCurve - configure.

Again I ask what steps have you taken? Which files have you downloaded? Sorry but your screenshot didn't really show me anything.

By the way you're putting all these comments in the plasma themes comments. Probably best if theye're under theme/style for kde Dark-Translaucent comments so as if someone else is having the same trouble as you they can find it. - Dec 10 2010
I cannot duplicate your issue, freshly importing the QtCurve file works fine for me using QtCurve 1.8. What steps have you taken to install it? Any chance you can send me a shot of whats actually happening with the style on your box as I'm not really following what you're describing. - Dec 09 2010
The QtCurve config file is what you want. You will need a fairly up to date QtCurve too. - Dec 08 2010
Sorry I'm not sure exactly what youu mean. If you're asking which programs I use to make these things then it's Gimp or Inkscape depending on file type.

If you're asking what you need to do to look like my screen shots then try my Dark-Translucent Aurorae window decoration
and Dark-Translucent QtCurve widget style

Hope this helps. - Oct 23 2010
Fixed this behaviour. GUI tools should now work fine. Turned out I had a line missing in the metadata file.

Sorry about my previous reply, you caught me pre-coffee. - Oct 19 2010
So is that the only reason you voted it down?

What actually happened when you tried to use the GUI tools?

Almost constructive criticism. Gee thanks. - Oct 19 2010
How / where did you install it?

mine is in ~/.kde4/share/apps/desktoptheme/
and it appears as it should in system settings.

I'd like to help if I can but I'll need more to go on. - Sep 26 2010

QtCurve 28 comments

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Nov 24 2010
Hey, thanks for the feedback, from the look of the screen capture you have the Aurorae theme in a folder that is named differently than the theme expects. Check ~/.kde4/share/apps/aurorae/themes/

Correct syntax for the window decoration folder is "darktranslucent" (one word, lowercase, no hyphen).

Please let me know if this helps. Also did you install it through the GUI tools or did you do it manually? Shame if this happened to you automatically. - Dec 05 2010
You import the file in QtCurve configuration dialog, which can be found under system-settings/application appearance.

Hope you enjoy the theme. - Nov 13 2010
The text file was the package. I did not realise it automatically opened text files and have re-uploaded in .tar.gz format. Should fix it. Just seemed silly for a 3k file or I would have done it to begin with. - Nov 12 2010
sorry I meant ~/.kde4/share/apps/aurorae/

as I said it was late. It could also be under ~/.kde/share/apps/aurorae/

all depends on your system.

Make sure you have a recent versionn of QtCurve too. Good luck. - Sep 23 2010
They look like older packages, the current version of QtCurve is 1.6 (I think) but any QtCurve over 1.5 should allow transperancy.

Maybe there's a testing repository with a newer version in it?
Perhapps someone here running Ubuntu could suggest something.

I wonder if that cat a few comments back with Gentoo got it working in the end. I think they had the same issue. - Sep 22 2010
Are you using any compositing? It's required for transperancy.

Otherwise the only thing I could think of was perhapps QtCurve needs to be updated, transperancy was only fairly recently supported I think. Maybe the Ubuntu repository isn't as up to date as it could be, I'm by no means certain though as I use Arch.

You could check your QtCurve version against the one hosted on kde-look. - Sep 22 2010
Nope, it's Fancy Tasks as a fancy panel. - Sep 22 2010
No need to feel stupid because I neglected to put any instructions in.

You need to unpack the archive and place the Aurorae decoration (folder containing 6 files) in your aurorae/themes directory. Mine is: ~/kde4/share/apps/aurorae/themes/
If its in this folder properly you will be able to select it from System Settings / Workspace Appearance / Window Decoration.

The QtCurve config can be imported to QtCurve from System Settings / Application Appearance/ Style - QtCurve configure / import.

I hope that makes sense but it's late and I need sleep. - Sep 22 2010
try Fancy tasks, you can use it as a panel - Sep 19 2010
Thanks for the comments. Hopefully I can help you get this working.

I'm using Arch with KDE4.5 which I installed when it was in the testing repo. It should be pretty vanilla KDE but I'm not sure of that.

I have QTCurve 1.5.2, but I don't know which version started supporting transperancy.

What's actually happening on your end? Is the problem QTCurve (window) or Aurorae (border) related? Are you using compositing? With desktop effects turned off transperancy won't work as far as I know. Wish I could give you more help but I'm not familliar with Gentoo. I'd be surprised if it's a Gentoo problem though. - Aug 29 2010
Use Obsidian Coast colours, thats what I based this on.

As for Dolphin, mine just worked, is your system up to date? - Aug 28 2010
QtCurve supports XBar as a standard option inside the QtCurve setup. I can't remember which menu it's under but you'll find it if you look. You also must have the XBar plasmoid running.

I probably should have mentioned XBar support is on in the Dark-Translucent settings but it's easy to switch off. - Aug 23 2010
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Further experimentation reveals the problem only presents when using older QtCurve presets. Guess I can just make a new preset. - Nov 12 2010
Just wanted to add I only reverted my qt4 version of QtCurve to 1.6, the gtk version of QtCurve 1.7 seems fine with aurorae. - Nov 12 2010
I have Kde 4.5.3 and Qt 4.7.1.

The problem is the rendering of transperancy a user of one of my themes experiencing the same problems posted this screen captur

I can also confirm downgrading to QtCurve 1.6 restores correct behaviour.
And both myself and the person who posted the screen shot are using 64 bit Arch, perhaps there is a bug in the build.

If it's not related to Arch I was wondering if it could be somthing in your new code for the QtCurve window decoration playing a game with Aurorae.

Sorry about the lack of info before, you do awesome work. - Nov 12 2010
Updated to qtcurve 1.7 (both qt4 + gtk2) and now all Aurorea window decorations have problems with transperancy. Is there any way to fix this new issue? I couldn't find a new setting to play with. - Nov 11 2010
KDE Trash-Toilet

Various Stuff 5 comments

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Aug 16 2010
Huh? Not sure I follow. - Sep 09 2010
Done. Except I couldn't figure out a less hacky way for sound.

Thanks again for advice. - Aug 16 2010
To be honest I didn't think of it. I may do that in the future so as upgrading icon sets won't replace them with the standard trash (I actuallly think the oxygen set is great, couldn't resist the pun). I guess the sound could be done the same way too. Seems so obvious after someone points it out. I'm still pretty inexperienced with KDE so comments like this are great, thanks. - Aug 14 2010
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Sep 09 2010
Hey sorry about that. Fixed it up now. Wand is included, that's what happens when you update two different skins at once. Would have noticed sooner but I stopped using Opera as my main browser pretty much when I last updated this skin so thanks for picking up on it. - Sep 09 2010