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Jan 13 2018

I've emailed the maintainer of this port on Free BSD but nothing has happened. Could you prod him for me and get the port updated? This is a popular app on PCBSD.

Thanks! - Jul 29 2010
.6 is not in ports yet.

.5.4_2 is current.

As soon as the port is updated PCBSD will automatically rebuild the PBI. - Dec 06 2009
Just installed a WD Mybook 1TB drive and formatted it on FreeBSD with sysinstall and disklabel. Using the entire disk for a single slice with 890GB free.

Kbackup reports the target drive size as 4GB so the backup fails when it hits this limit.

I'm using PCBSD and the Kinfocenter correctly reports the drive size. - Dec 05 2009