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Derek Greene
KDE 2 Themes
QNX Style

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes 45 comments

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Oct 10 2002
I wrote the original QNiX style, but never had the time to update it to KDE3. You've really done an excellent job - thanks! Hopefully I'll get around to releasing an updated KWin engine soon :) - Apr 18 2002
QNiX 0.2.1

KDE 2 Themes 44 comments

by del
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Oct 25 2001
In response to the repeated requests above, the style is licensed under the GPL. Sorry in my delay in replying - I was away for a while. - Jan 01 2002
I've had a lot of requests for the icons in the theme screenshots. Copyright restrictions and the fact that I've only managed to find very few QNX icons make an icon theme pretty infeasible. However if you are looking for QNX icons, I recommend trying - the icons are in ICO format, but can be converted using KIconEdit. Useful icons for konq are available from They're in BMP format, so Gimp might be useful there. Hope this helps:) - Nov 06 2001
QNiX 0.2

KDE 2 Themes 26 comments

by Frank
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Oct 24 2001
I've made a few changes, and have a release (yes another one) ready. It fixes large menu crashes, the min/restore animation issue, and also changes the appearance of Kicker (as requested many times). But I'm not sure whether I've got the panel appearance right. So before I upload it here, if anyone would like to try it out first, I'd be very interested in comments. The source is at - Oct 25 2001
Thanks for all your comments. To answer everyone's questions, the 2nd screenshot shows the MusicView plugin and the 3rd screenshot shows a project called Doclib, which I've been working on for a while. It 's basically a documentation browser which allows me to access all my APIs, manuals, HOWTOs etc. from one place. I just made it for my own use, didn't really think anyone would be interested. But if there is interest, then I'll consider releasing it. Might take some time to put it into a distributable form though. - Oct 25 2001

KDE 2 Themes 52 comments

by del
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Oct 09 2001
Again, I'd just like to say thanks to everyone for the comments. This theme was just something I hacked together myself because I liked the appearance of the QNX OS - I never thought that other people would be interested!

As for the icons in the screenshots, I got most of them by making screen captures of the QNX OS. While I'd like to make an icon theme using these icons (the QNX artists are very talented), I'm sure this would cause copyright problems since none of the icons are originals by me.

Perhaps somebody else could come up with some original matching icons? Anyway, thanks for your interest :) - Oct 11 2001
Hi, I'm the creator of this theme. Thanks for all your comments. I'm sorry if anyone has had difficulties compiling, I've only been able to test it on SuSE-7.2 and Redhat-7.1 with KDE-2.2, where it compiled correctly(make -f Makefile.cvs;./configure;make;sudo make install). The config scripts are based on those that come with Mosfet's liquid theme, perhaps some changes might be required for Debian. Any changes/patches or other comments would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. - Oct 10 2001