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Jun 21 2015
The gtkrc seems to solve other graphs kits, at least the colors enhance well. - Jul 11 2015
The maximum I can do is modify the colors. Firefox, Gimp and LibreOffice are well. Try now. - Dec 07 2014
LibreOffice is written in QT, not gtk3. Gnome-Shell panel is written in Clutter. With respect the dark variant, some applications are configured to use it even if you are using the light variant. - Dec 04 2014
I updated - Nov 26 2014
No idea, in Ubuntu 14.10 with Gnome 3.14 works perfectly. Try it now. - Nov 25 2014
check in terminal with " gnome-shell --version". If no gnome-shell try check the version in other applications. - Nov 21 2014
This update is for GTK 3.14. No it will have bad results. Check if your distro has already Gnome 3.14 in the repositories and install. - Nov 21 2014
raymerjacque, the theme works only for GTK 3, in applications using GTK 2, QT or any other graphic kit it will have no effect. - Nov 09 2014
Translation: I do not know what happened, here I use the gnome-tweak-tools. Unity must have something different, try to edit the file index.theme. I wonder what they thought of the light variant, my monitor is not very good and he has shown green. - Jul 04 2014
by google translator: I admit that gtk2 is not supported. but many applications will be ported to gtk3 like gimp and firefox. I am now analyzing the new scheme gtk3.14. - Jul 03 2014
Thank you - Jun 30 2014
Score 78.3%
9   Dec 08 2014