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Demitrius Belai , Brazil
Various Plasma Theming
Karamba & Superkaramba
Win8 decoration theme

Various Plasma Theming 9 comments

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Dec 16 2015
QML Decorations are newer than Aurorae. Unfortunately exists no support by plasmapkg. Patch is ready: - Oct 22 2014
If I understood what you asking. I used GIMP to reverse engineer pixels from Windows 8 screenshot. Inkscape to make button icons. Kate to code. The code was based in Plastik QML but yet have bugs which I have no idea.

Sorry for my bad English. - Feb 08 2014
Hi, I think you need at least KDE 4.10.
Martin Gräßlin, KDE's Kwin maintainer, announcement: - Feb 05 2014
Plastik Transparent

Various Plasma Theming 2 comments

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Sep 13 2014
Re-uploaded. Thank you! The name of file was truncate. I decrease the name length. - Sep 13 2014
GlassMonitor - DynamicPartition

Karamba & Superkaramba 37 comments

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Feb 22 2007
Yes. I checked CPU usage and really about 10%. I have forgotten 'interval' argument for many sensors. Now CPU usage is 3% for me (peak 11% each 10s). Thank you. Soon I release a new version.
Sorry for my bad English. - Feb 20 2007
The partition_fsban variable is used for ban of a filesystem type. Then 'binfmt_misc' was to have been hided. For '/boot' it not work because it is ext2 or ext3 type. I will include 'binfmt_misc' into partition_fsban in next release, thank you.
Sorry for my bad English. - Feb 20 2007
Thank you!!
I make a update. - Feb 05 2007