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Magali de Morangies Lyon, France
This picture is really impressive! Many thanks to you for sharing it with the community... I give you a + vote. - Jun 13 2016
Colours Of Life for KDE 4.x

Plasma Color Schemes by beautifulrat 2 comments

I am fan! Your files are really nicely colored, without being too flashy. I like to change from time to time between them (if it was possible to find a script to make this changes automatic I would be really happy!). I give you a + vote, and an advice: you should make a minor change in a file or add another and update your package, for people not to forget your work, because now it's hard to find it (I had to travel deep inside the history to get it... By luck I used it once and remind it, but it's getting harder to find it every day because of all the new stuff added!) - Jun 13 2016
Jun 13 2016
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