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Daryl Hazelwood
[Keramik] Transparent Kicker (RPM/SRPM)

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by dcpark 29 comments

I just got around to installing this rpm, it installed correctly.
The problem is that it won't show up in the styles section in the KDE Control Center..
Any idea of what's happing? - Jul 11 2002
Liquid without toolbutton backgrounds

KDE 3.0-3.4 Themes by neuralfraud 29 comments

I noticed Liquid had too much. I like your idea, I never liked the toolbutton backgrounds.
I love the liquid theme, but it eats alot of memory on my machine.
By the way what do you get those wonderful anime wallpaper from? - Apr 13 2002
Blue Boy

Wallpaper Other by daveb 9 comments

I like the wallpaper.
I was wondering, what theme/window style are you using? - Apr 07 2002

KDE Plasma Screenshots by ilinux 4 comments

To the first post. You must not understand the role of linux. Linux is about CHOICE. He has the right to choose whatever linux he wishes. You might disagree with it, that's perfectly fine, but never bash someone for their personal choice.
About the icons, they look like a mix-match of different sets, they look like the crystal icons set, but with some difference. - Apr 05 2002

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by ian 22 comments

Go to then
go into kdelibs/kstyles/keramik
enjoy - Mar 30 2002
Mix-n-match KDE3

KDE Plasma Screenshots by byteme 20 comments

How did you covert MacOSX icons to windows? I know how to get them from windows to linux. I could never find a program for free that will do it for MacOSX.

I got the Trash icons, just need to covert them.

How did you do it? - Mar 29 2002

Wallpaper Other by fatmatt 8 comments

I agree with both of the above comments. It is funny, but where is the blue BG that is in the preview? It's better than the black one. - Mar 27 2002
Oar-KDE-2.2.2 Desktop on Roids

KDE Plasma Screenshots by oar 7 comments

Where did you get those Icons, I know I have seen them before, but never could find them. I like the TUX on the bottom right.
To speak the truth, it's easy on the eyes and simple. I just want that TUX image and those Icons - Mar 27 2002