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Daimy Holster , Netherlands
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Sep 05 2017
Forgot to say: Good job on this addon though, truly love it :) - Aug 23 2013
When trying to play a single YouTube video from a playlist in VLC it will default to load the full YouTube playlist. Basically whenever the video I try to add comes from a playlist it will always play the full playlist instead of the single video.

I made an edit to the playlist_youtube.lua to fix this. The regex used is trying to match "list=" within the url. So it will match a playlist even when the actual url links to a single video within a playlist.

Example:<video ID>&list=<playlist ID> (single video)<playlist ID> (full playlist)

Now by changing the regex which is used twice in the LUA code (function probe() and function parse() at the top) from "list=" to "?list=" this solved the problem for me.

Now I can play a single video that comes from a playlist with the first example and play a full list with the second example since the regex does not match for the first example and will not load the full playlist.

Might be useful if the code can be updated to prevent full playlists from being loaded when referring to a single video within a playlist. - Aug 23 2013
Youtube playlist

VLC Playlist Parsers
by exebetche

Score 85.8%
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