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Daniel Girardeau-Montaut Grenoble, France
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Jun 24 2012
The server was down on saturday but is now up and running. Anyway, the first time you connect to the server you may have to accept its certificate (if your svn client doesn't say anything, you can test it with you web browser). - Dec 06 2011
"Violation" ... please guys, keep cool. I didn't know for this file, I'll add it to the next release (however I'm not sure to clearly understand how the GPL version can change the way you use the Windows binaries ;). And it's not as if the code was not accessible. We are doing serious coding here, accessible to everyone, and that's the only thing that really matters. I' m sure we all have better things to do... If some of you don't, then they could help us build up and maintain linux bin packages for instance (but I must admit it's not as funny...)
- May 02 2011
Registration is free and automatic (no admin validation, no personal data, etc.). It's not to make the user "ask for permission" but only to check that it is a real human being (due to intensive abuse on our - small - SVN server). - Mar 04 2011