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Plasma 4 Extensions 35 comments

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May 26 2014

If you can test the latest version of plasmoid, you can see experimental support for atk sensors instead o k# series.

Give me a feedback if this changes work fine with your sensors, you can write here, in github or send me a private message.

For donations you can send me an private message :) - May 27 2014

Sure, I'm codding new features for this plasmoid, you can request more on github page too :) - May 27 2014
Thanks for report it. - May 26 2014
In QML it's not possible run an application, only in QML for Qt5 it's possible. - May 25 2014
Nice pic, I'm now commenting in your fork in github :) - May 25 2014

Sure, this feature has added to TODO list.

- May 18 2014

Fan speed not working on any PC. In my PCs this sensors not are available, and then I could not test these sensors.

About your CPU, for testing, you can edit and write the complete name of your sensor without escape characters. - May 18 2014

This plasmoid uses the systeminfo datasrouce from kde plasma engines, then in most cases, lmsensors not use the same name for core temp in datasource.

For testing, you can play with main.qml, specifically in lines 146 and 147.

In your distro, you can install plasmate package, who contains plasmaengineexplorer app. With this app you can explore the systemmonitor engine, and then change to proper lmsensor datasource.

If you found proper name for your sensor, you can send me the name, and then I would add this to plasmoid.

Regards. - May 11 2014
The code is always available for you to make the changes you want :)

- Dec 29 2013
OK, the new version has the kubuntu logo for your distro :)

Thanks for Use and testing! - Dec 27 2013
I found the problem, the plasmoid not properly load custom fonts.

Now I'm changing these settings.

Thanks for testing. - Dec 27 2013
You can place the content of /proc/version file?
It's probably different to slackware - Dec 27 2013

Amarok 2.x Scripts 3 comments

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Feb 07 2009
Yes, in the next revision this it´s solved with a new configuration dialog and custom text - Feb 12 2009
Carbon Mac OS X clone

KDE Plasma Screenshots 9 comments

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Feb 01 2007
Wow, it's wonderfull. - Feb 01 2007
Time Keeper

Plasma 5 Clocks
by niceway

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9   Dec 27 2013