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Diki Ananta
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Frost Plank Theme

Plank Themes 17 comments

Score 77.7%
Jun 15 2018
Thanks. The icon is Moka Icon Theme. You can get it here: - Nov 10 2019
Well, the name is actually not related too. I gave the name back when Dragon Ball Super aired, the name came from a character from DBS Tournament of Destroyers, Frost, who is a dirty fighter, extremely cunning, deceptive, and has dark side that he has kept hidden from everyone. - Oct 29 2019
Thank you. - Aug 31 2019
You're welcome. :) - Jun 05 2018
Thank you! It's Moka Icon Theme. - Jun 02 2018
Plank should be installed: sudo apt install plank
Download this theme. Then run ./ or copy Frost directory to ~/.local/share/plank/themes/
Then type plank --preferences to choose this theme. - Jun 05 2017
Ubuntu Flat Remix

Full Icon Themes 6 comments

Score 62.0%
May 31 2016
. - Jun 09 2018
i3wm - Oxide

Window-Manager Screenshots 5 comments

Score 58.0%
Feb 17 2018
Yes. You can put it in there.
To ~/.config/i3/config or ~/.i3/config - Jun 09 2018
Thank you for the kind words.

There are the dots {.}* folders which are hidden. You may have to configure it manually one by one to avoid damaging the desktop configuration. Don't forget to install a list of the packages that already listed in the README file, install the software what you need.

There are also built-in script `` to install the config and in `bin` directory which has some scripts to install software like i3wm, rofi, dunst, and others. Use at your own risk. :-) - Jun 09 2018
Ubuntu Flat Remix

Full Icon Themes
by Feichtmeier

Score 62.0%
9   Jun 09 2018
Arc Elementary Icons

Full Icon Themes
by Magog64

Score 80.5%
9   May 26 2016
Score 68.1%
9   May 20 2016