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Jan 13 2018
Another wished feature is the possibility to define a max size of the backup: the size of a CD, the size of a DVD. So we can burn easly the backup. - Sep 29 2006
Hi Martin,

- If we run kbackup several times, there are several kbackup icons in systray instead of only one.

- In an undeveloped tree, it should be nice if an unselected directory which have selected files or subdirs could be marked in grey.

- It should be nice to have a File/Recently Files entry with a settable (in number) list

- Consequently, it should be nice if kbackup remember the last directory of the last profile use, or a settable default profile directory

- In my opinion, the directory tree should be opened in the home directory, not at the filesystem root

- Consequently, if kbackup is running by default with the lastest profile, the directory tree should be opened in the first (in deep) selected directory.

Good work ;-)

Alain - Sep 25 2006
Yes, it's easy to add the prefix when creating the profile... - Sep 25 2006
Hi Martin,
It should be nice if the backup prefix could be the profile filename.
This will be usefull when using kbackup in a crontab.

Alain - Sep 25 2006

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Jan 10 2010