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Video Apps by Lacky 80 comments


Ability to specify the Region of the screen, something other than the whole window is exactly what I hoped for and so quick. Thank you very much for the responsiveness and great tool. - Dec 14 2012

Video Apps by Lacky 80 comments

There are applications and visuals that run in the browser that may not depend on interaction with the browser controls themselves, the application runs within the browser. A lot of times I will record that section only to eliminate the clutter and reduce the overall playable frame size reducing space as well as unneeded clutter in the result. - Nov 12 2012

Video Apps by Lacky 80 comments

Nice application. I used to use another utility which has not worked in a while so glad to find this. Couple things I would love to see if possible on the area to record options.

1 - When selecting a Single Window, be able to specify whether to include all the window decorations or only record the viewable frame within the window.

2 - Be able to draw an area rectangle on the screen to be recorded separate from the Single Window option.

Thanks for the great work so far. - Nov 12 2012

Utilities by jnmchlptt 244 comments

I love this application. :) Been using it under KDE3 and now trying KDE4 version. When creating an MPEG4 avi the aspect ratio comes out different than the KDE3 version. The KDE3 version is perfect proportion as the original, but the KDE4 version is compressed slightly horizontally, not sure if this is the cropping or what, but I always keep preserve Aspect Ratio checked and use the same output width (720) as under the KDE3 version. Any suggestions? Thanks for great application. - Apr 21 2009

Video Apps
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