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Dmitry Morozhnikov Irkutsk, Russian Federation
Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements
Dolphin Service Menus
QtCurve (KDE4, KDE3, & Gtk2 Theme)

QtCurve 2890 comments

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Jan 16 2013
Thank you very much! Setting Highlight by 1% is enough to draw sliders background. - Jun 25 2008
Starting from some version i have a little problem with qtcurve — sliders are drawn without background. It just catch desktop background or some random part of the window. For example, there is a volume slider in kaffeine:

qtcurve 0.59.2
kde 3.5.9-r4
qt 3.3.8-r4

Is it only my local problem?

Thanks in advance for any suggestion. - Jun 25 2008
Linux Unified Kernel

System Software 10 comments

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Feb 17 2008
but why you have not promoted this job to wine developers? wine-devel mailing list is a much more appropriate place to let peoples know about this project. - Feb 19 2008
Kaffeine Player

Video Apps 179 comments

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Jul 06 2008
thats a great application, most usable thing to view dvb!

but it still have an one annoying issue -- when kaffeine starts, it drop currently tuned frequency on dvb card (skystar2). because i`m mostly use dvb for internet access, this is trouble :-)

- Apr 15 2007

Utilities 26 comments

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Nov 08 2006
Sorry, but have you been installed kde development packages? :-) They are really needed to compile fuseiso/kfuseiso
- Nov 08 2006
By the way, current fuseiso version is 20061017. You can find fuseiso version by issuing this command:

fuseiso -h
- Oct 29 2006
Yes, you have installed everything needed.

There are two things which come to my mind. I don`t know if edgy come with fuseiso already installed (i hear what some distributions have included it). If so -- please be sure what fuseiso is at latest version and no other version have installed to the system.

Second thing -- please be sure what image you trying to mount is a valid iso image. Simplest way to check this is to issue following command in terminal:

fuseiso -p iso_image_filename ~/media/test -f

Image will be mounted and output should be something like this:

ISO9660 image found
System Identifier : LINUX
Volume Identifier : CDROM
Volume Set Identifier :
Publisher Identifier :
Data Preparer Identifier :
Copyright File Identifier :
Abstract File Identifier :
Bibliographic File Identifier :
Volume Creation Date and Time : 2006073119193700$
Volume Modification Date and Time : 2006073119193700$
Volume Expiration Date and Time : 0000000000000000
Volume Effective Date and Time : 2006073119193700$

- Oct 29 2006
Well.. I don`t known where kde is installed in SUSE. For example in gentoo it`s being installed in /usr/kde/3.5 . So you need to try something like this:

./configure --prefix=/path/to/actual/kde/installation

Also you might to have kde development packages missed -- as far as i can remember, SUSE is RPM-based and have separate development and runtime packages for most things. You need to be sure you have kdelibs-devel or something like this installed.

But anyway, i`m not sure if 3.4.2 is enough. I`m already on kde 3.5.5, sorry :-(
- Oct 28 2006
Can you please provide error message? - Oct 21 2006
Thanks! :-) - Oct 01 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 28 comments

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Oct 27 2006
And i really think this should be a standard part of kde! - Oct 28 2006
kmail: display current sender time

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 11 comments

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Oct 23 2006
Thank you very much! :-)

But this is different story for kfuseiso. It depends on too much things outside kde: linux (kde live on many OSes), fuse (mean recent linux kernel), fuseiso (which is pretty much should be separate application). There is a ways in which kde4 can be changed to allow better integration of things like kfuseiso, and i plan to look at this at times when kde4 will be closer, but don`t think what something more is needed. - Oct 24 2006
sure. but it can`t be achieved before kde4. - Oct 24 2006
not sure.. as of current implementation i`m agree -- it don`t fit into kmail interface very well. and it is not reasonable to add extensive configuration for it. may be a best solution is to postpone it for a times when it can be implemented as a little plugin in a some scripting language. - Oct 24 2006
> perhaps if the background was based on the users colour scheme?

:-) it would be nice to have night, morning, afternoon, evening colors in color theme, but currently it is not possible.

currently there is a predefined colors, hard coded into C code, along with background images (gradients), like the existing spam-meter. not a best solution, but.. - Oct 24 2006
Thank you for your suggestions :-)

Configurable colors: It`s would be a real overkill :-) Configuration code will be several times bigger then feature, sorry..

Not display same timezone: Hmm.. As a man who live at night, that is not a bad idea to know what is a time of day are now outside. So.. Don`t know. If you wish, i`ll add this for you. - Oct 23 2006
kmail templates

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 14 comments

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Oct 18 2006
Already done :-)

Please look at homepage 'Link'
- Oct 20 2006
> hey, how to install this patch. I already have a kmail working on fc4 (KDE-3.5.4).

It`s require sources of kdepim module (from svn or 3.5.5). When you get them, go into kdepim/kmail directory and do this commands:

patch -p1 < template_patch.diff
cd ..
make -f Makefile.cvs
cd kmail
./kmail --nofork

But i`m not sure it is good idea to do this for unexperienced user, sorry..
- Oct 19 2006
They work with new message too. And because templates are configurable on per-folder basis, you can have different message content when press 'Compose' from different folders. - Oct 19 2006

But personally i prefer to have this in 3.5.6 :-) - Oct 18 2006

Dolphin Service Menus 13 comments

by kyral
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Sep 29 2006
Oops.. Yes, you are right. Not for service menu, but for konqueror plugin -- display "Unmount" instead of "Mount" on some specific iso image.

But yes, for fuseisomount it does not meaningful. - Oct 06 2006
There is a little problem with /proc/mounts -- it does show mountpoint, but not image filename. That is because maintenance of ~/.mtab.fuseiso was implemented. - Oct 04 2006
> Also I noticed in the help output for
> fuseiso the -p option which creates the
> mountpoint if it doesn't exist and
> deletes it on unmount. I'm wondering if
> that should be the default behavior if
> they specify a non-exist mountpoint
> (impossible right now).

Exit with error. I`m sorry, i was added this options for the purposes of "heavy solution" :-)

But i`m pretty sure what "light solution" have rights to live too :-)

> BTW instead of using this comments
> section as a way to communicate, would
> people be interested if I set up a small
> mailing list?

I don`t know whether it is needed. kde-apps is not a best place for communications, but i can only be 'viewer' on the list. - Oct 04 2006
> i assume you did it because your fuseiso
> mounts didnt show up with df, but that
> doesent matter, just look at /proc/mounts

actually, beginning from fuseiso-20060928 it is possible to find current mountpoints and image filenames in file ~/.mtab.fuseiso :-) - Sep 30 2006

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements 67 comments

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Sep 20 2006
Thank you very much! That is an excellent thing! After run beryl i was lost without all my workplaces. And kicker-compiz is the solution.

Three small glitches so far:

1. Mouse wheel is really most needed feature.
2. That is impossible to use it on vertical panel with 8 workplaces. They are so small.. :-)
3. On horizontal panel it want not to switch into two-rows mode -- all 8 workplaces are drawn in top row.

Again: thank you very much! Please not drop you work. - Oct 01 2006

Dolphin Service Menus 3 comments

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Sep 24 2006
By the way, i was also impressed how such simple things can make life easier :-) - Sep 25 2006
Sure! Please try again. - Sep 25 2006

Graphic Apps 38 comments

by boud
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Sep 21 2005
Unfortunately, i can`t try it. Seems like krita.cmg is corrupted by download manager or something more worst happens.

md5sum: 0c5ee726d3cf43ec3fb038c7e3fa1c02

Is it wrong or correct? - Sep 21 2005