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John H , United States of America

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Oh Thanks so much for the answer! I see now where I should post basic questions like this - and I appreciate the reply!
- Jul 12 2009

Screensavers by jboss1995 91 comments

Okay - I know there's not a lot of activity here, but I was hoping for an answer by now. The screensaver really isn't a big deal for me...but getting an answer would be great as far as learning what I am doing. I'm not trying to get snippy here, cause I learned when I was young that you get more flies with honey, not vinegar!

But if the masses are EVER going to Love Linux as much as we do (well, as much as I WANT to) the lack of people willing to help is going to have to improve. I realize it may get redundant to have to tell people over and over how to do something, or answer a question as (obviously) mundane as mine was, but how else are we ever going to learn?

I will wait patiently until I can find out more info. I will, again, look up sudo in the Mandriva forums to see if I can decipher someone's answer there and put it to practical use. Sorry to be so stupid - it would help if people remembered their first few weeks in Linux I think...
- Jun 27 2009

Screensavers by jboss1995 91 comments

I was able to perform all the tasks above until it came to the "sudo" part, and at that point it got too complicated for me. I'm REALLY trying to learn Linux so if someone can tell me how to edit that sudo file so that my default user (let's call him Joe for simplicity) can do the last command I would be grateful and will promise to learn! I WAS able to launch "visudo" but it seemed the current file contents were at the bottom of the console window, and the cursor where I was editing was at the top. Also had no clue as to how to get out of the editor and actually close the file with changes made.

John - Jun 20 2009

by jboss1995

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Jun 27 2009