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High Ubunterra

GDM Themes by EugeneVe 170 comments

Що за іконки ти юзаєш на скріншотах?) - Dec 01 2018
GDM3 Theme Blur

GDM Themes by root4unix 11 comments

What are those icons you have on the screenshots& - Dec 01 2018
Ocean-blue-GDM theme for ubuntu

GDM Themes by taeven 24 comments

How can I install custom background image for this theme? When I try to do so (by copying file into the right directory) it changes the background but it is completely spoiled (looks like just a couple of pieces from the image and 60% of solid color), how can I fix this? Or is it only possible to use your image?
- Oct 04 2018
High Ubunterra

GDM Themes
by EugeneVe

Dec 01 2018
Dec 01 2018