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Martin Drautzburg
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

Some more observations:

After typing in a search and the results being displayed, I close tastymenu. When I start it again, I see it in the state I left it, i.e. the search string is still visible and so are the search results. Good.

However when I actually launch anything, the next time I pop up tastymenu, it stills shows the search string, but no search results, which is inconsistent. Those search results seem to be quite fragile.

Another thing I noticed, is that just hovering the mouse over a category in the middle panel brings up this category in the right panel. No big deal, but confusing. I would have expected that this takes a click. Likewise in the left panel (search results). Hovering the mouse over a section heading collapses or uncollapses the items below.

My feeling is that tastymenu processses events it should really ignore.

- Jan 01 2009
Tasty Menu

Various KDE 1.-4. Improvements by mart 499 comments

On my sytem (debian, using kde 3.5.9), there is another strange effect, which gomes and goes with flickering:

when I type in a search, the search results appear after the 3rd letter (I believe this is what is intended), but after about half a second they disappear again and I am left with an empty list of search results.

The behavior seems to be the same with 1.0.6 from debian and 1.0.7 compiled by myself. (BTW the 1.0.7 version claims it is a 1.0.6 - small glitch).

Now at least with my self-compiled version the problem seems to disappear when I check "override alt+F1.." in the "Configure" dialog. I even reset the Shortcut via "Configure Global Shortcuts" to Ctrl+Space while leaving the Alt+F1 option checked. Still no flicker, no disappearing search results and Ctrl+Space brings up tastymenu. I havent tried this with the precompiled version though (I deinstalled it).

I tried this a couple of times back and forth and the behavior was consistent, i.e. unchecked->trouble, checked->no trouble. Still I am not sure if this is really a workaround. The flickering had been gone before and reappeared out of nowhere, so maybe tomorrow it'll be back.

But the fact that search results disappear when flickering is on, was very consistent in the past.

Maybe this rings some bells?


I also took the liberty to remap the return key so it clears the search text, rather than launching a program in case there is only one search result. This way (and with Ctrl+Space launching tastymenu) I can operate tastymenu more easily from the keyboard.

346 return false;
348 // DTZ
349 menu->searchLine->clear();
350 return true;
352 QListViewItem *listItem = NULL;

- Jan 01 2009