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Mario GarcĂ­a H.
Tribal Masks

Icon Sub-Sets by iForeman 11 comments

Very original idea, and superb graphics.
Thanks for your good contrib to Linux word. - Sep 09 2005
Pompei - Naples

Wallpaper Other by vandalo 6 comments


You know. Its so unexplainable why most people talk about nothing time after time.

The picture its fine, you could not fill every body's taste. But, I'm not agree about posting this in site. This picture don't have any relation whit Linux or I'm powerless to find any mean or sense matching Linux proposes whit this picture.

Wherever. Good Job if it is your own pic. - Nov 19 2004

Various Artwork by DrFaustus 3 comments

... thing

Download the icon and see it for your self. The PDF inscription mantains his sharpness between different image size formats. - Nov 08 2004

Various Artwork by DrFaustus 3 comments

See the preview, it's not a very phylosophic thing. Only a stupid ink stain.

Thanks for your comment !! - Nov 08 2004
Who needs MacOSX ?

KDE Plasma Screenshots by enyalis 6 comments

Thank you !! - Oct 05 2004
Who needs MacOSX ?

KDE Plasma Screenshots by enyalis 6 comments

Its nice. But, what about your media player skin? (what`s this app name - Oct 04 2004

Wallpaper Other by emc2 3 comments

Very Great and still simple Wallpaper. A must have for Mandrakians.

It must be pre-installed in MDK package (I`m talking very serious about that)


PD:// I will be voting some times until your score be highest. - Oct 04 2004

Various Artwork by dadeisvenm 2 comments

Pay attention to Screenshot. Like it appears on posted page. Round, I think it will look better.

Also is a good option.

Congrats... - Sep 25 2004
Kpdf icon by Jakez

Various Artwork by jakez 4 comments

Not a Crystal like style but Its so fresh and beautiful...

It must be considered to win. Almost like a Filetipe Icon.

- Sep 25 2004
KPDF Cliche

Various Artwork by DrFaustus 2 comments

Thanks for your comment Luci. I saw some good thinks in your desktop-screenshot uploads.

I`m not inspired by Ati, in fact y Hate Red tonalities. (Only To contrast grey, black or, of course, blue)

Comming for you it good for me. But I`m very sure: this Icons Need to Evolve !! - Sep 23 2004
Getting closer ...

KDE Plasma Screenshots by luci 3 comments

For a more blue man, you get me surpriced. I really enjoy to see in your desktop a good piece of artwork.

- Sep 23 2004

Wallpaper Other by r3n0z 5 comments

A must have wallpaper. Can I say more? - Sep 12 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by guppetto 90 comments

Salut and Salutations...

It was a little vision problem. Actually, the problem finding convert was the real presence of convert in my PC. I found Mandrake RPM version of ImageMagic working without apropiate convert suport.

It`s a good recommendation for MANDRAKE USERS to compile ImageMagic source code= "not to install the precompiled RPM version" (I`m using MDK version 10).

Thanks a lot !!

And Just a sugestion: improve the taskbar icons.

See you soon. - Sep 12 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by guppetto 90 comments

I`m very thankful for your answer, but I already know about that. In fact the readme package say that.

The problem is that I installed ImageMagic MDK precompiled (MDK CDroms) and last version from ImageMagick home page links. Two different ImageMagic versions and error persists.

Why the script can`t find the library ??

Any more ideas ?? THX again. - Sep 07 2004

Wallpaper Other by emc2 4 comments

Very good taste. Great work !!

Thank you - Sep 07 2004

Wallpapers Mandriva by cestbibi 14 comments

It`s very easy with The GIMP (look for ver. 2.x at this time) Only a blured layer (shadow) under the real logo layer.

I just started to use it and i say you: that`s easily done !!

Look at filter dialogs for image distortions to achieve the perspective. Be curious and creative. Nothing complicated. See the Yves Ceccone tutorial pages :

Cheers - Sep 01 2004

KDE 3.x Splash Screens by guppetto 1 comment

I work with music a lot of time. Why i`m using it? ...It`stoo ovious.

It`s the best one !! (right now) - Sep 01 2004
Tux in Drag

Wallpaper Other by waylander 6 comments

Some coments would be reasonable.
What aplications do you use to achieve this good 3D ??

THX !! - Sep 01 2004

Wallpaper Other by bas 3 comments

I`ts awesome !! I`ts all yours ?
Maybe you could make a tutorial about graphic stuff involved...

Thanks - Sep 01 2004
Umicons 2.0

Icon Sub-Sets by norbalin 68 comments

I very proud of Umicons (why you choose that name ??) It`s a very well done package of most original icons seen before.

I`m an aqua lover (not "barbie" aqua actually) but this icons broken schemes. Fly away picasso !!

Thanks a lot !! - Sep 01 2004

Noatun Skins by fault 1 comment

For some tastes. For me it`s very nice.

Thank you - Sep 01 2004
Baghira Mandrake 10.1 RPM

KDE 3.5 Themes by ntesa 103 comments

The RPM version: Works very fine in Mandrake 10. I change wallpapers-cursors-themes a lot and have it installed around 2 months ago.

Splendid !!

Thanks, thanks a lot. I`m very poor to buy a real MAC.... ;) - Sep 01 2004

Noatun Skins by Frank 3 comments

Don`t lye with the rest !! - Sep 01 2004

Noatun Skins by infernal-quack 7 comments

Take care !! - Sep 01 2004

Noatun Skins by infernal-quack 7 comments

Ces`t ch - Sep 01 2004

Icon Sub-Sets by guppetto 90 comments

FIRST AT ALL: Thanks for loving me !! I'm a 56K user (mmm....) This icon set could be the best. For me it is and probably will be.

Checking for bzip2... found /usr/bin/bzip2
Checking for tar... found /bin/tar
Checking for convert... which: no convert in (/usr/bin:/bin:/usr/bin:/usr/local/bin:/usr/X11R6/bin/:/usr/games:/home/faustus/bin)

No convert found in path.


Have you any ideas ??
Thanks !! - Sep 01 2004