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Manuel Vázquez
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Sep 24 2011

I tried adding the new version of the plasmoid...and now it's so big that it takes up my entire screen :D So, for me it's not usable right now :( I tried scaling it down but it cannot be scaled down to the size it used to be.

Greetings!! - Apr 23 2011
Hi again,

some more constructive criticism :)

If when I start the desktoop there is no network, the plasmoid won't show anything, of course...but it won't show anything ever after (that meaning, not even if I get connected to internet after a minute). It would be nice if it reloaded itself every now and then (this probably comes handy in all kinds of mobile devices).

Greetings!! - Apr 21 2011
It's working like a charm now :) Thank you very much!! - Apr 15 2011
first of all, thanks for putting that nice plamoid out there :)
The thing is for me it only works right after adding the plasmoid. If I reboot, the plasmoid doesn't seem to be able to retrieve the data from google tasks anymore. If I remove the plasmoid and add it again, it works correctly again...Am I the only one with this issue (or the only one using the plasmoid :) )? I'm using KDE 4.4.5.

Greetings!! - Apr 13 2011

by fischer

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9   Dec 13 2011
Google/Gmail Tasks

Plasma 4 Extensions
by palacio

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9   Apr 15 2011