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Nemanja Jovicic Novi Sad, Serbia
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Jun 30 2008
try - Mar 26 2018

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May 07 2012
this screenlet should have properties option... maybee it's some problem with screenlets core - Sep 20 2012
I tried to move, open properties and it work's (Ubuntu 10.10)...
I don't know what do you mean when you say "Properties 'cog' " I don't have 'cog' option. Do you use latest version of screenlets or something else (like universal-applets) - May 08 2012
Try it now, i made typing error, it's fixed now :D - May 07 2012
I tryed it now, and it works...
ps. remember to click on skip add when it's asked and it will redirect you to download.

Thanks for interest,
Nemanja - Nov 12 2011
first install screenlets package
(example for ubuntu from terminal:
sudo apt-get install screenlets)

than you create folder called .screenlets in your home directory and copy folder you got when you extracted the package - Dec 31 2010
use this..

don't know what is problem with its working fine for me :S - Sep 30 2010
ok, it's not hard to implement, send me on PM how you think that should look like, so I can know what to make ;) - Feb 13 2010
but whyyy :)
why you need zone... set your system clock to zone you want and it will show it ;) - Feb 11 2010
it's not bug in digitalclock screenlet, it's bug in screenlet core. but you can "fix" it by yourself, just set options as you like, then go to ~/.config/screenlets/digitalClockscreenlet and set it's *.ini file to read only... - Nov 07 2009
install screenlets package first

(for ubuntu: sudo apt-get install screenlets)
then extract this archive and copy it to folder called ".screenlets" in your home directory
- Jun 18 2009
ok! but you need first to change it little because I changed position of AM/PM and day of week in code... - May 22 2009
glad you like it ;) - May 19 2009
i got an idea :)
what do you think that I implement to show date insted of time if click is hold on screenlet

eg. time is 22:51.10 then you click and hold and it changes to 16.04.09 and relese click it turns back to 22:51.xx ? :) - Apr 15 2009
Customizable Weather Plasmoid (CWP)

Plasma 4 Extensions 1069 comments

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Sep 02 2017
Just want to say: Great work! It's the best weather plasmoid! - May 20 2012
Net Monitor

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Apr 04 2012
Can you give mi somekind of output, or how did you notice this so I can reproduce this and debug? - Apr 13 2012
you first need to install screenlets package, because this is a screenlet..

next you create folder called ".screenlets" in your home directory (but without quotes) and unpack downloaded archive to this folder, now just run screenlets and start netmonitor - Mar 25 2011
this never happened earlier, but yea, it's a bug, I checked and it doesn't work..

I'll fix that as soon as possible (after New year, tests on collage...)

thanks for report - Dec 31 2010
hardcode translation? - Dec 03 2010
yes, I set that because of February... It isn't logical that your provider(or whatever) resets your stats on eg. 30th day of month, because February doesn't have 30th.. So I thinked that way and put 28 as MAX..

hope you understand my thinking :S :) - Jan 28 2010
I don't know what is wrong.. I just try it and it worked :S are you shure that you set it on "daily reset"
try deleting all settings and go to propertis>options and then chech daily reset - Jan 28 2010
yes it' s possible.. i will add it when i have time.. - Sep 24 2009
yes of course... it's gnu GPL licence, isn't it? :D
I took code from whise's netmonitor (v0.6)... - Jun 07 2009
sorry man but I think that this would be complicated and I need to rewrite several functions again... I don't have time for this now... - May 14 2009
custom day reset - implemented :)
i'll add mini mode (totals only) in next relece - Apr 05 2009
many people asked me to implement custom date reset, so this is going to be in next relese... I PROMISE! :) - Mar 30 2009
I located & fixed this in 2 minutes... so so so stupid bug :) - Mar 08 2009
don't know anything about this... maybee you could use rightClick>quitScreenlet - Mar 08 2009
I know about this, the best solution that I have for now is to restart screenlet... I'll try to fix this in short time... - Mar 08 2009
Placo theme for DigitalClock

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by Di95
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Jul 29 2011
Can you please replace mediafire link with my website link?

Nemanja Jovicic - Oct 18 2011

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Apr 04 2012
how it doesn't start?
can you run it via terminal and paste output here? - Oct 07 2011
type ifconfig xxx0
where xxx0 is your wlan device..


ifconfig wlan0

and in it's output will write your IP adress, same as screenlet shows.. maybee your Network Manager Applet is showing global IP, and this screelnet shows local - Mar 02 2011
I am already on universal applets on launchpad, but I didn't submit or change anything for at least a year. I develope screenlets only when I have time, but I study and work and... blah blah..

you are free to add it (if you can), just leave my name in author section ;) - Dec 06 2010
maybe you're behind some proxy server or something, one guy was on university connection and he couldn't download too.. its hosted on fileden, and I just now downloaded and it works.. - Apr 18 2010
can you give me iwconfig and ifconfig? - Mar 25 2009

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Jan 27 2011
sorry about that.. something went wrong with old hosting.. now all files are reuploaded to new hosting - Mar 02 2011

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Jul 07 2008
its not posible, a friend of mine made website for counting linux users in Serbia and he gave mi access to his data, later he passed the code of his project to Bosnia and Hercegovina and Montenegro LUG-s...

there's not world counter based on his project, so I cann't parse data.. sorry

thanks for interesting,
Nemanja - Jul 19 2010
green grass gfx grub splash

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Dec 16 2007
sorry for late response, I just now saw your question...

you need to install gfx-grub package
here is link of how to install it on ubuntu.. - Jan 09 2010

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Aug 19 2009
I think that you mixed 0.2 and 0.2.1, because this with rapid share was problem in 0.2 ;)
I am downloading all day with it... - Sep 03 2009
could you sent me on P.M. rs links that you are using? - Sep 01 2009
SlicknesS Emerald

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Mar 10 2008
hi... I am using mu own panel image... and this theme puts its own images for it... how to disable it...
here screenshot..

drxnele - Jul 19 2009
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Jul 03 2009
+ for interesting in themes for my digital clock :)
but it isn't compatibile with last version of clock... you can download and reedit my new svg themes if you like...
- Jul 03 2009

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Jun 10 2009
from this 2 lines of output
"name =
AttributeError: 'NoneType' object has no attribute 'group'"
it seems like doesn't exist. that means that object result isn'n initialized, and because of that it doesnt contain attribute group...
hope that helps... :S - Jun 14 2009
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May 30 2009
hahah :) - Jun 02 2009
Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope 9.04

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Apr 26 2009
VOTED GOOOOOOD :D - Apr 26 2009

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Feb 17 2010
very nice original idea... - Apr 21 2009

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Apr 14 2011
it isn'n in manager because *.py file name isn't equal to its folder name... i explained it in previous post...

you can do 2 things:
rename folder and screenlet py file to
SysMonitorPlus and

rename folder and screenlet py file to
SysMonitorPlus0.7 and

then it will be shown in manager... - Mar 19 2009
name of screenlet must be

example needs to be renamed to

or rename folder to SysMonitorPlus (without 0.6) - Mar 15 2009
install screenlets package first, then dwnload this, unpack, and copy to ~/.screenlets folder... if this folder doesnt exist, make it... - Mar 15 2009
danik2 for NowPlaying

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Mar 08 2009
very very nice theme... :) - Mar 08 2009
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by alltiptop

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