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Nov 17 2007
Thanks for testing! Today, with 10s of popular distributions it's simply very hard to make sure your software works on them all. I will add a command to make that directory in the next version.
Can you tell me more about the second part of your post as I didn't quite understand it.
This is how it should work:
You open the dolphin and select (hover over) a directory. Select the 'retrospekt timeline'. Timeline should appear together with a konqueror window opened to the selected directory. - Dec 07 2007
The rsnapshot is run through cron job located in /etc/cron.d/rsnapshot. The first column are minutes, the second are hours.
As for the exclude list, I haven't yet had time to implement it but it's certainly on my TODO list. - Dec 07 2007
As you are the first person to report this bug after 1500 downloads I am guessing it's something specific to your setup. Are you sure that your /etc/rsnapshot.conf syntax is correct? Are you trying to backup a
remote host? RetrospeKt-config doesn't currently support remote backups.
If you know how to configure the rsnapshot by hand (really not that hard) just ignore retrospekt-config. First time you use the retrospekt it tries to detech the correct backup_name and snapshot_root from your /etc/rsnapshot.conf and set the variables in ~/.retrospekt/config (please check that variables are set correctly). Once you have the functional /etc/retrospekt.conf and ~/.retrospekt/conf, retrospkt scripts should work. - Dec 03 2007
The backup must be made to the filesystem that supports hardlinks, that is mounted localy. That means the same disk as the data, another internal disk, external USB or sata disk, even a disk in another computer (is you configure the rsnapshot by hand). - Nov 26 2007
Thank you for the excellent debug! Date format? I would never suspect that! :) Will patch the next version. - Nov 17 2007
It's not -d\" \" but just -d" " - Nov 16 2007
That really is strange! I can see no reason why it would fail if the paths are correct. Unless... is the mount point readable? Can you browse to that directory in konqueror as a user?
The log you sent me would indicate that no backup folder was found. For a simple 'retrospekt +' (go back in time) the log should look like this:

BBD: >/backup/rsnapshot<
BD: >root<
loaded dcop: konqueror-10326 konqueror-mainwindow#1
Looking for dcop instance...
Konqueror instance: konqueror-5780
tab: konqueror-mainwindow#1 is hidden
Konqueror instance: konqueror-5770
tab: konqueror-mainwindow#1 is hidden
Konqueror instance: konqueror-9051
tab: konqueror-mainwindow#1 is visible
Active window not found, using visible window.
# dcop konqueror-9051 konqueror-mainwindow#1 currentURL
url: /home/dsvilko/bin
backup: /backup/rsnapshot/daily.0/root/home/dsvilko/bin
2007-11-15 11:30 daily.0
2007-11-14 11:30 daily.1
2007-11-13 11:30 daily.2
2007-11-12 11:31 daily.3
2007-11-11 11:30 daily.4
2007-11-10 11:30 daily.5
2007-11-09 11:30 daily.6
2007-11-08 11:30 daily.7
2007-11-07 11:30 daily.8
2007-11-06 11:31 daily.9
2007-11-03 12:16 daily.10
2007-11-02 12:30 daily.11
2007-11-01 12:30 daily.12
2007-10-31 15:33 daily.13
dcop konqueror-9051 konqueror-mainwindow#1

My script uses this command to get a list of available backups:

cd /mnt/backup/Shadow; ls -lt --color=none | cut -f6- -d\" \" | grep -

What do you get when you type that in the Konsole (as a user!)? Should be:
2007-11-15 11:30 daily.0
2007-11-14 11:30 daily.1
2007-11-13 11:30 daily.2

- Nov 16 2007
At the moment, no. Dolphin is just too crippled. It lacks all the nice functions that make this possible under Konqueror.
But I guess Dolphin is still very young so there is still hope :) - Nov 13 2007
I am afraid not. Vfat does not have the necessary hard link support. - Nov 08 2007
As I have said, I see no advantage in running rsnapshot as a user. If I put that as a default choice I would severely cripple it's backuping abilities without a good reason.
Neither do I login as root (nor do most linux users) but that doesn't change the fact that I want to backup even some files that I do not own (as probably do most users on their desktops).
I am not quite sure why you say that the current setup is not usable for you. The cron job is stored in /etc/cron.d/ and should be run by most cron setups (is this the problem?).
If you have configured rsnapshot to suit your needs, just edit the .retrospekt/config and it will work fine with your setup (that's the only file the retrospekt script looks).
retrospekt-config is the only part of retrospekt that has anything to do with rsnapshot configuration. You really don't need it if you know how to configure rsnapshot yourself.

As for the instalation locations, I am really looking for someone who can make a nice ubuntu/debian package.

You really haven't convinced me that only the insignificant percentage of users would want to backup anything other than their home directory and I still don't see why running rsnapshot as root from /etc/rsnapshot.conf (to backup only your ~) is something that can't work for you. There is really no difference as I see it. - Nov 08 2007
Thanks for the patch! I agree that there should be a warning before overwriting the old rsnapshot crontab file (or a backed-up original). Will see to it in the next version.

As for the move from root->user, I am really not so sure. I see no advantage and a few serious disadvantages:
- you certainly want to backup /etc (not user readable) if nothing else
- if rsnapshot is not run by root it cannot preserve ownership data even if you have a read permission
- can't efficiently backup more than one user (it's far better to run once than for every user)

I believe it is better to run as root and if you run as root then you _definitely_ don't won't to read the commands from a user writable file (even if you trust that user).

Why do you want a .retrospektrc? - Nov 08 2007
I am not really sure what you need, but keep this in mind: RetrospeKt is written for a simple desktop backup, not a do-it-all professional backup sistem (plenty of those). It is best suited when you have two disks in the same computer and want to backup one on the other (external USB disk with ext3 filesystem should work fine).
That being said, RetrospeKt uses a really powerful rsnapshot script that has a full support for rsync over ssh so security should be very high. Look through the rsnapshot documentation and see if you can make it do what you need.
- Nov 08 2007
No, this is really not a DVD backup script. It requires hard disk with ext2/ext3 filesystem for backup (hardlink support) so this is not what you are looking for.
BTW, that's a good idea (we should have a program like that) but it is completely incompatible with the hardlink backup model used here. - Nov 08 2007
I am very glad you like it! I am not much of a programmer so I just followed the good ol' unix phylosophy, took a bunch of excellent programs and glued them together with perl :)
I do beleve that rsnapshot is the best solution for desktop backup and that something like RetrospeKt (only better written) should be integrated into Dolphin and come preinstalled on user-friendly distros (kubuntu).

Today, when most of your disk space is tied up by already compressed content (mp3s, movies, pictures, pdfs...) there is really no point compressing your backups (rdiff-backup). This is much faster and more convenient.

As for the RetrospeKt requirements, doesn't Kommander usually come preinstalled? If rsnapshot is not installed the install script says so and offers to try to install it via apt-get. - Nov 08 2007
That's an excellent idea. I'll try to implement it when I have more time.

As you already, apparently have a working rsnapshot, you can simply edit ~/.retrospekt/config and define your own snapshot_root and backup_name to get a completely working retrospect scripts.
I see no reason why it shouldn't work. - Nov 06 2007
Thanks for pointing it out! That part used to work ok but I disabled it as a quick hack to make timeline possible.
I tink it should bi ok now. The script goes through the list of all the loaded konqueror instances in search of either a focused window or, if not that, then last visible window.
Please, could you test it an tell me if it works? - Nov 06 2007
I can't think of a way to simply add a calendar view. Will try to think of something.
On the other hand, I don't know how useful it would be considering you can have a few daily, weekly, monthly and yearly snapshots. It would be hard to find the exact snapshot date if you have a 'linear' scale. It is not shown on the screenshot but timeline has different size buttons and different colors for daily, weekly, monthly and yearly snapshots.
Currently my biggest problem is that I can't move the stupid timeline mo matter what I do. I wanted to put it on the top or the bottom of the screen, without window titlebar (compiz) but I just can't do it! The -geometry argument gets ignored, dcop call is missing and even my window manager (compiz) can't remamber it's location! Really frustrating (it's a Kommander 'feature'). - Nov 02 2007

Developers Apps 57 comments

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Nov 02 2009
Is it possible in any way to move or position the window on screen? The command-line option --geometry gets ignored, dcop call is missing and even my window manager can't remember the window's position. It's always centered. - Nov 08 2007

Conky 8 comments

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Sep 21 2007
Thanks! I am glad you like it. Don't know how to make a tooltip popup, sorry.
I do have a more advanced version in the development that has a bigger 'current conditions' icon and temperatures. Hope to release it soon. - Oct 11 2007
Well, technically it's a screenlet and I think you can install it automatically with screenlets-manager. For some reason I am not currently able to run this utility so I can't test the installation, but it should work.
You probably need a screenlets core package from - Sep 22 2007
Thanks! I think it's the first :) - Sep 21 2007
3gp movie wizard

Video Apps 60 comments

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Feb 21 2006
As CVS is a real bleeding-edge, sometimes things can be broken. They are usually mended quite soon, though.
Simply try in a few days or ask on their mailinglist. - May 03 2006
Are you using the latest CVS version of mplayer and mencoder? The last stable release is quite old so that could be the problem. Does it plau on the mobile phone? Is it playable with the ffplay (part of the ffmpeg package)? Other then that, I have got no idea. Try asking on a mplayer-specific mailinglist/forum.
I just know that 'it works for me' (TM) - May 02 2006
Thanks for the great tips!
600kbps? Isn't that a bit too high for such a small screen? - May 02 2006
The best video codec that almost all mobile phones are able to decode is MPEG4 with AAC audio. On PDA, you would get better quality by using a XVID codec with mp3 audio (3gp movie wizard does not support this at this time, as it was written for mobile phones). What you nead is any GUI frontend for mencoder (I think there are several), or better yet, learn to use mencoder directly, from command line.
As for the source, 3gp movie wizard is a perl/kommander script and therefore does not nead to be compiled - it's a source and 'binary' at the same time :) - Apr 06 2006
As with (I am guessing) Pocket DVD studio, compression level is completely up to the user. Stronger compression simply means less video and audio quality. Nothing prevents you to encode a 90min movie to a 20MB but it will be hardly watchable.
That said, 3gp movie wizard provides a highest possible quality for an each target filesize by:
- using an extremely good encoder
- providing a independent audio and video quality sliders
- using a 3-pass variable-bitrate encoding
- providing 'inteligent' crop factors and aspect ratios

Unfortunaltely, it was designed for mobile phones. Modern PDAs are much more powerful and can decode divx/xvid encoded movies for a even better quality. - Apr 05 2006
You do not have the AMR or AAC audio support compiled into your players. You can use my script (install-ffmpeg) to build a ffplay with everything you nead for 3gp playback (please read the README).
Even better would be to download and compile the latest cvs version of mplayer (much better player then ffplay). - Feb 19 2006
You haven't really given me enough info to determine what's wrong.
Does /tmp/movie.avi get generated?
Please send me a complete 3gpwiz output:
3gpwiz filename 2>&1 > 3gpwiz.log
(by email, not here!)
The 'skipping frame' is normal, as you are going from 25fps to 12.5 fps, half of the frames are dropped. - Feb 18 2006
Hm, this is strange... I have got no problem playing 3gp files with mplayer, xine or ffplay.
Try downloading and compiling the latest CVS version of mplayer.
Maybe the movie you are trying to play is corrupted or in a nonstandard 3gp format.
Can you play back the movies that you built with 3gpwiz? - Feb 17 2006
There is a bug in the install-ffmpeg script. Edit it and change 'uzip' to 'unzip'. - Feb 16 2006
Thanks Zack for the patch!
For some reason, it works for me even without this extra options.
(I patched the download file) - Feb 15 2006
Also, please check if the stage1 encoding temp file (/tmp/movie.avi) looks ok. If you are using the latest cvs mplayer (stable is quite old) and correctly compiled cvs ffmpeg (with amr support), the script _should_ work.

As for not cleaning the /tmp, it's a feature, not a bug :) I have often wanted to reencode the same move with a different framerate or a different splitting interval and in that case reusing an existing stage1 encoding speeds things up considerably.
Of course, you can always add:
system "rm /tmp/movie.avi";
to the end of the 3gpwiz perl script. - Feb 15 2006
According to ffmpeg configure options, it doesenćt seem that you have a amr sound support built into your ffmpeg. Are you using the latest CVS ffmpeg? Did you download and apply amr patches?
You can use my install-ffmpeg script for this (see the README - you have read the README,haven't you?). - Feb 15 2006