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Dominik Tritscher Ilmenau, Germany
Wo ist der Eismann?

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Aug 03 2010
Great to have that applet back. Just in time for summer in Ilmenau ;)

But there is some issue since the last update:
If the applet is already present on the desktop while you are loging in, no map and no map marker is rendered. Only the reload button is shown, button klicking it doesn't load the map. - Jun 10 2010
As for the refresh button: Stick to the standard refresh icon as you already did. Using those standard actions will give users the benefit of better integration, as it will adjust to their icon theme.

And for other crazy ideas:
KDE 4.3 will come with a geolocation data engine. So an "Eismann approaching your position" should be possible with not to much effort.See this blog entry: - Jun 02 2009
>Yeah, I was thinking about a SpinBox >to enter a value and a DropDownBox to >select if the unit of this value is >seconds, minutes or hours. But minutes >might actually be sufficent ... >(except for testing purposes; I often >use 10secs then, but that's not an >usecase)
Maybe you can add a possibility to manually refresh, like in context menu or a button in the lower right corner that only appears when you hover over the plasmoid (the comic plasmoid is doing something like this). - May 21 2009
For the input of a numerical value you should use a QSpinBox. See

Of course this doesn't switch units between seconds and minutes. But is that really important? Just Minutes should be fine. All the examples from other KDE examples that come to my mind are using only a single unit.

Regarding the config dialog: You should have a look at some other python plasmoids, as all other plasmoids use the same config dialog, you must have done something differently ;) - May 20 2009
oh and another point:
the field for the update interval lacks a unit. also it may be a good idea to use something like minutes. i don't know what it's set to currently, but a value like 300000 is hopefully not minutes ;) - May 18 2009
this plasmoid really rocks!

just two minor issues:
- the config dialog has to much wasted space due to the apply button. note that plasmoid config dialogs usually don't have an apply button.
- i18n is incomplete,the config dialog shows german and english strings (my default language is german) - May 18 2009
KParts Plugin

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Jul 23 2012
If I have the KWallet Addon in Firefox activated, the browser crashes every time I try to load a document with the kparts plugin.
for the kwallet addon. - Jun 04 2010
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Jun 16 2010
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Jun 04 2010

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Feb 14 2010
Wo ist der Eismann?

Plasma 4 Extensions
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Jun 21 2009

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Seven P7asma Mix.

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