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Gnome Extensions by holodeck 376 comments

I really love these applets. One request though: when there's no window, instead of hiding buttons, is there any way you could force the applet to be something like 1px wide? The reason I ask is because I'd like to make it to where other applets automatically move to the right when there are no windows open (since my applet is on the far right of my screen.) Gnome has a strange way of dealing with applets that change size, but in this case if I move an applet right next to another applet that's forced itself to be 1px wide and that applet changes it's width to something like 100px the applet next to it will scoot over, and then scoot back when the applet is back to 1px. Does this make sense? It is most easy to understand if you have the ubuntu appmenu applet on a gnome panel, then make all windows inactive. This makes the appmenu virtually invisible, and your window title app (for example) will be at the far left of the screen (assuming my panel is Appmenu at far left, window title right next to it) until I make a window with a menu active, at which point the window title automatically scoots to the right to accommodate the new width. Then back to no window selected, the appmenu is invisible, and the window title is moved all the way to the left again. Does that make sense? - Sep 19 2011
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