Plasma Splashscreens by musiyenko 15 comments

It worked? Thanks for updating it. - Apr 19 2018

Plasma Splashscreens by musiyenko 15 comments

Screenshot would be nice.
But likely Matrix isnt MIT License though (unless you drew the artwork yourself or is CC licensed itself). - Apr 19 2018
Vader Splash

Plasma Splashscreens by musiyenko 3 comments

Darth Vader is not OpenSource license though... - Apr 19 2018
McHigh Sierra

GTK3 Themes by vinceliuice 328 comments

Hi, please seperate anything not gtk-theme to different products with correct categories, like wallpapers, fonts, cursor and icon sets.
Otherwise the license is not generally valid for any copyrighted material contained in this set. - Apr 14 2018

Nature by BabyHarris 1 comment

This is not GPLv3... do not set such false licenses for ANY product. - Apr 14 2018
Borealis Ubuntu

GTK3 Themes by bolimage 20 comments

Please dont mix icon theme files in GTK3 themes category, but add new product.
Also, on github do not add compressed single file, but extracted content. Thanks. - Apr 14 2018
Thanks. Just make sure you set the licenses for your items in time, also for all new entries, as they are not set "automagically". - Apr 12 2018

Full Icon Themes by tiheum 596 comments

There are two external links under the "File" tab that got archived, but you can reveal by clicking there. They still seem to work, though many of those extenral links cease to exists or die with time, hence it is better to upload files directly or relink them to somehting like github. - Apr 12 2018
CC 4.0 by (attribution) will need them to mention you or any other creator that they got this work from and also relicense it properly. Failing to do so is a violation of the license, hence it is checked and listed on the product page itself now.
In the future, there will be an attribution field that needs to be filled out in case it is a derivative work, directly linking the original author. Non-compliance if spotted could lead to not counting the plings for the whole month. So these checks are just a start of possible ideas to better make this eco-systems transparent and equal playing field. - Apr 12 2018

E Animated Backgrounds by triki1

Any chance to move the files from external hoster to here? - Apr 11 2018
Josephine Blue Voodoo

VLC Skins by josephine 1 comment

It is missing a file to download? - Apr 11 2018
Suru Plus Ubuntu

Full Icon Themes by Magog64 239 comments

Please only ship icon theme, you can best split wallpapers and other things to other products or offer them as different files on the same product, so people can choose. This is for the automated programs like KDE to install themes correctly, thanks. - Apr 07 2018

Plasma Splashscreens by trampover 2 comments

This only provides a splashscreen, correct? Can you add this info to the product title or description? - Apr 03 2018
BalenaEtcher - Appimage

Utilities by AJSlye 7 comments

Please dont zip Appimages. - Mar 16 2018

Wallpapers KDE Plasma by xxx574xxx 7 comments

Hi FallenX, we try to fix those instances as best as we can, so please let us know when you spot something like this. Of course it is not possible to prevent all misuse, but we try! - Mar 15 2018

Full Icon Themes by unc926 104 comments

what is this icon theme based on? please provide a source either of the original or this mod. - Mar 11 2018

Developers Apps by jstaniek 44 comments

any appimage, flatpak or snap for this that could be linked or uploaded? - Mar 11 2018
Latte Activate Launcher Menu

Kwin Scripts by Psifidotos 2 comments

There was a temporary cache problem.
Please edit product and add a logo or a gallery picture, thanks. - Mar 10 2018
Ant Themes

GTK3 Themes by eliverlara 521 comments

Hi Elvira, how about you simply put the icon theme here on opendesktop and link to it instead of asking for email? - Mar 10 2018
Masalla icon theme

Icon Sub-Sets by Hemoo023 4 comments

this is a deb file, so not a universal linux theme archive format. - Mar 09 2018

System Software by DFN2 119 comments

Hi g99, you can't browse your downloaded stuff and "apply" things though from Firefox? - Mar 09 2018

Full Icon Themes by mustafaozhan 23 comments

Would be great if you link to any releases from here, too, e.g.: - Mar 07 2018
Easy Monitor

Karamba & Superkaramba by lolo47 53 comments

While this Karamba tool is appreciated, please don't re-upload the same file without clearly changing the version number and provide a changelog what has been fixed or done every other day, thanks. - Mar 07 2018

Enlightenment Themes by verdegal37 6 comments

Hi FireVai,
it seems it was an external file that no longer exists...
I wish more people would upload things to so it will always be available. - Mar 07 2018
Discord - Appimage

Chat & Messenging by AJSlye 4 comments

missing icon and screenshots? - Mar 06 2018
x265/HEVC GUI for ffmpeg

Video Apps by metallaro1980 3 comments

Where does the source code come from? - Mar 03 2018
x265/HEVC GUI for ffmpeg

Video Apps by metallaro1980 3 comments

What is this? How does this work? - Mar 03 2018
Mojave CT icons

Full Icon Themes by zayronXIO 293 comments

please provide a screenshot? - Mar 03 2018
Yes, but "Install" using the App copies the wallpaper directly to the right directory, wjhere it can also be applied from within the App: - Mar 03 2018
My Kind Of Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by badilosu 3 comments

You can always link from here to the wallpaper then or any other items in your screenshot. - Feb 28 2018
My Kind Of Desktop

KDE Plasma Screenshots by badilosu 3 comments

Please move any wallpapers out of there and into a seperate item, thanks. - Feb 28 2018
Colour Breeze

Plasma Themes by WillS 15 comments

Become a supporter!
:) - Feb 23 2018
Telinkrin- Arrongin themes

GTK3 Themes by paulxfce 321 comments

temp. S3 hiccup, all should be back to normal. - Feb 23 2018

System Software by DFN2 119 comments

What if you do "sudo ./*filename*.AppImage --install" ? - Feb 21 2018

System Software by DFN2 119 comments

Hi Nolan, the file should be in .local/bin/ after installation. - Feb 21 2018
Windows10 dark look&feel

Various Plasma Theming by edoard 3 comments

You can use it directly from KDE System Settings - Install more LNF theme packs. - Jan 12 2018
Boost Arrows Menu Button

Cliparts by Markospoko 6 comments

this links to a paid product, which is not visible from anywhere on your entry here. I suggest to at least add that information to the description, so people dont click on the external FILE link, or simply remove the FILE LINK and add a homepage link to the external site. Thanks for understanding. - Jun 12 2017
Boost Arrows Menu Button

Cliparts by Markospoko 6 comments

then link to the free ones, this is not a marketing forum for other sites, sry. - Jun 12 2017
Boost Arrows Menu Button

Cliparts by Markospoko 6 comments

Please do not post links to sell sites only, thanks. - Jun 11 2017
Elementary Dark X

Full Icon Themes by cybercop 9 comments

Hi d745048,

we know it's frustrating, but a lot of external links have ended dead over the course of years, like the filehosters closed or the link account became invalid.

To encourage the contributor to upload their files again, please be considerate in your comments.

Meanwhile we switched policy to only allow uploaded files on our servers or from trustworthy sources like, which ensures relatively stability in the foreseeblee future. - Jun 03 2017
Please keep this in the Distro section.
Changing it again could lead to remove this product. - May 28 2017
Treepata - High contrast

Full Icon Themes by Treepata 15 comments

Each filename usually is a link to the file or external package. - Apr 21 2017

Global Themes by llucas 18 comments

How about updating the screenshot with new wallpaper, etc. to look more "Unity-ish"? :) - Apr 19 2017

Full Icon Themes by tsujan 10 comments

Awesome theme.
Please note that you can now also link directly to external github-files, like or specific releases, so you neednt upload anything and continue to work on github. - Apr 14 2017

VLC Extensions by exebetche 815 comments

Have you tried contacting the opendesktop Team? They can probably reset your password to gain access again. - Feb 12 2017