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Kunal Chattaraj

Fluxbox Themes by PhrAok 1 comment

This a is a very cool style. Love it. - Nov 10 2009

Fluxbox Themes by noob123 2 comments

What app-launcher are you using? And the icon theme? - Nov 10 2009

Fluxbox Themes by noob123 2 comments

This is certainly a very beautiful style. Good work. - Nov 10 2009

Fluxbox Themes by nathangrubb 1 comment

Really nice. nice buttons and color scheme. - Nov 10 2009

Fluxbox Themes by metak 2 comments

This is a very cool style. What icon theme are you using? - Nov 10 2009

Fluxbox Themes by pllb 1 comment

This is a really nice theme. Using it now. The buttons, though, look a tad oversize. Good theme, overall. - Nov 10 2009
ASN for Fluxbox

Fluxbox Themes by skitzware 1 comment

I hope there are more flux styles made to go with popular gtk themes. This is a very good example. One thing I don't like though are the fonts. They are almost illegible and don't scale very well. Wish you'd use a different one . - Nov 10 2009
GreenMachine aka CrackBox

Fluxbox Themes by Defunctus 4 comments

Bright and soothing theme. Quite nice. Cute wall as well. - Nov 10 2009

Fluxbox Themes by alsvartr 6 comments

Really like the minimal feel of the theme. A question though; is "/usr/lib/current_task" a script you use or just something you scheduled with at? - Nov 10 2009

Fluxbox Themes by tawan 2 comments

This is a very fine mod of the equally fine eBar style. I don't know if it is what it's meant to be, but the kill-switch on the title bar is a little off-kilter. Anyway, it's really nice. - Nov 10 2009