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Equinox Ubuntu Packages (64 bits)

GTK2 Themes by tiheum 18 comments

Any word the when the icons will be released? Im really interested in the toolbar icons more than anything. Great theme btw, i went ahead and modded it just a bit, but it still looks pretty awesome. Thanks for your hard work. - Jun 02 2010

GTK2 Themes by RodrigoCR 24 comments

What icons are those? Is there a pack or did you just build your own from several packs? - Oct 18 2008

GTK2 Themes by kimmik 18 comments

I think the theme looks perfectly fine, imho themes just look alot better when they have a very unified look. Here is where there comparison to Mac OSX comes in. OS X has a very unified theme, from first pixel at the title bar all the way to the last pixel in the status bar (status bar?) so this is where i think people are thinking it looks like OS X, and the light blue on the scrollbar of course.

It would be nice to see more Gnome themes that where more unified, like this one, of course that is just my opinion, and it doesnt necessarily mean that is looks like OS X. Keep up the great work Kim, i always keep checking your blog for the new stuff, some of your themes help me out alot when i need to make something original myself. - May 21 2008
Elegant Aurora

GTK2 Themes by bitzer 11 comments

See i thought it was possible and thats exactly what i did, but it doesnt work. I've tried many different options but i always end up with bad results. I do have to point out that i'm not an expert when it comes to gtkrc files but i know how to edit them and i know what to look for when i want to edit something. If you wouldnt mind me sending you my gtkrc file maybe you can have a look and see what im doing wrong... - Apr 25 2008
Elegant Aurora

GTK2 Themes by bitzer 11 comments

Anyone know how i can add those buttons to another theme? I'm under the impression that you can use various engines in linux themes, so i would like to use those buttons with another 2 different engines (nodoka for the scrollbars and clearlooks for the rest of the theme) is this possible? - Apr 24 2008