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Dec 20 2009
There it is, version 0.4 is available now.

Version 0.3 isn't available any more through this link. - Dec 20 2009
probably sunday if the weather doesn't get too bad
- Dec 17 2009
The temperature data depends on what images you put in the database. The viewer doesn't know what it is displaying. Getting numerical data along with the images could be an interesting extension.

Maybe you can explain to me how to make cmake packages, so I don't have to read their ugly manual again :) - Dec 14 2009
I suppose I could use cmake, but why would I want to?

Seriously, the cmake manual is seriously bad. Someone needs to rewrite it. - Dec 13 2009
libmysqlconn is the MySql Connector/C++library.

You can get it form, for example at Some linux distros have it.

Note that this is the one currently supported (sort of) by MySql. There is another independent one, it is not the same API.

Or you can wait a few days until I post the new version that uses QtSql instead. - Dec 12 2009
Maestro Metronome

Audio Apps 8 comments

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Dec 07 2009
Builds fine on F12. I saw the usual problem with cmake, that is complains about the backwards compatibility variable. When I removed that it was fine.
- Dec 07 2009